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Idaho Trails Association looking for new members

| December 1, 2022 1:00 AM

The nonprofit organization, Idaho Trails Association, is looking for new members to join in their mission of keeping Idaho’s hiking trails open for all.

ITA organizes volunteer trail maintenance projects across the state and completed over 66 projects this year alone. In an effort continue these projects, they are running a membership drive starting Nov. 15 and going through the end of the year to find new members interested in supporting the work of maintaining trails in 2023.

Idaho's vast network of over 10,000 miles of trails requires routine maintenance to keep them open and safe for users.

ITA Communications Director Kelly Hewes explains that unfortunately for them though, funding for the care and upkeep of Idaho’s hiking trails is far short of what is needed to keep them open and usable. Idaho Trails Association (ITA) was formed in 2010 to help deal with this challenge.

The funds raised during ITA’s membership drive will help purchase supplies and tools for volunteer trail maintenance projects, fund special programs (like ITA’s Women Only Weekend/Weeklong and Youth Trail Crew), support trail education and "Leave No Trace" efforts, and cover many other expenses related to the stewardship of Idaho’s public lands and trails.

ITA members are given the opportunity to sign up for volunteer trail projects before the schedule is released to the public. ITA has fly-in, jet boat, pack-in, and all-meals-provided trips that range in length from one-day to week-long.

Memberships begin at $25 per year to join. Visit to learn more.

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