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ADVERTISING: Advertorial — Is a wound leaving you scarred

If you read my article regularly, I have written about cold laser before. With the advancement of health care, I don’t think anything has advanced as much as laser therapy. I have been asked many times about the laser’s ability to help with wound care. Be it a burn, bruise, cut, post-operative wound care, Cesarean scars, psoriasis, scarring or diabetic wounds, we are getting amazing results with the laser. Research in the field of laser therapy on wound healing has shown that it can positively enhance and accelerate the anti-inflammatory process, collagen production and remodeling phases of wound healing. Studies show that low-level laser therapy provided a significant decrease in the severity of the inflammatory response in the late phases of wound healing.

Another important part of wound healing is revascularization. The laser has been shown to be very effective in initiating revascularization in injured tissue and increasing blood flow. Thus speeding up the healing process.

When the light source is placed on the wounded tissue involved, photon particles of light penetrate into the area and are absorbed by the mitochondria. This process results in improved cellular health through increased production of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). ATP is what the body uses for energy. This reaction initiates a cascade of physiological effects, including stimulation of inflammatory mediators and proliferation of key cell types involved in the remodeling process.

At Natural Spine Solutions we utilize an Echonia EVRL laser. What makes the EVRL so Advanced? It comes with the power of both red and violet light. The EVRL can safely and effectively treat a broader range of conditions than many other cold lasers on the market. The EVRL offers the best of both worlds. The violet and red cold light lasers produce different wavelengths of light to stimulate different types of healing and provide for greater treatment versatility. The red component of the laser, at a wavelength of 635nm, offers a wide range of treatment versatility for chronic conditions and alleviating musculoskeletal complaints without the use of drugs or corrective surgeries. The violet light component of the EVRL operates at a much lower wavelength of 405nm that is beneficial for the management of pathogenic conditions and the promotion of healthier skin. Studies have shown that the violet light has an anti-bacterial, ant-viral and an anti-fungal affect. We can utilize this to help prevent or treat infections in post-operative wound care.

One such study clearly demonstrated that the “irradiation with a 405 nm blue-violet laser effectively reduces the number of microorganisms adhered to osteosynthetic biomaterials and introduced into the living body in bone surgeries. These findings strongly suggest the potential usefulness of the 405 nm blue-violet laser irradiation as an alternative strategy for prevention of postoperative infection after implantation of biomaterials” The Effect of Irradiation with a 405 nm Blue-Violet Laser on the Bacterial Adhesion on the Osteosynthetic Biomaterials; International Journal of Photoenergy/2018.

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