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FIREARMS DATA: Decisions made make no sense

| August 5, 2022 1:00 AM

I’ve been researching firearms information recently, after reading an article claiming that California is a better state to live in than Idaho based on some statistics relating to firearms deaths and regulations. It made no sense. Except that the data used relates only to deaths, not crime involving firearms overall, if it did I am sure that using this data to support firearms legislation would be a much harder sell.

Reading this information in the wake of a related bill in the U.S. House of Representatives just leaves me baffled. The legislation relates to particular types of weapons, but that type of weapon accounts for less than 3% of firearms deaths or crimes. The remaining percentage involves handguns or other weapons. Obviously a token legislation done for appearance’ sake. More disturbing is that more than 60% of firearms deaths, which the statisticians conveniently lump in with gun violence in general, are suicides. In the U.S. you are in more danger of being killed by yourself than someone else. Almost twice as likely.

These facts are glossed over, even dismissed with profanity, by lawmakers crusading for reform.

And still, reinstating a ban on weapons that contribute less to the murder rate than fists and knives is a great leap forward for public safety?

In charity, one can only assume despair on the part of lawmakers, so instead of speaking the truth, which is that they’re powerless in this situation, they have found something that looks like work and are pretending to do it.

PS — I appreciate the letters section very much, especially that it’s open to everyone. Thank you.


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