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Youth Sports April 27, 2022

| April 27, 2022 1:20 AM


Timbers North FC 2013 Boys Yellow: The Timbers are off to a 3-1 start this spring.

In their first game on Saturday the Timbers beat the Spokane Sounders B2013 South Dix 7-1. Timbers goals were scored by: Crew Kuhlamnn (2), Maddex Arana (2), Aiden Mojzis (1) and Sullivan O'Dowd (2). In their second game, the Timbers beat the Spokane Sounders B2013/2014 Valley Mostek 8-1. Timbers goals were scored by Nolan Bode (2), Aiden Mojzis (2), Crew Kuhlamnn (1), Sterling Tate (1), Vance Corbeill (1) and Carter Mitchell (1).

This week the Timbers North FC 13B Yellow team will take on their teammates in an interclub match Friday night against the Timbers North FC 13B Green.



U4 Soccer (3 & 4 yr. old)

Freije Homes and Garwood Pull & Pay, LLC

Autumn Pfahler (1); Kinley Gillespie (2), Tanner Higbee (2), Heather Higbee (4), Olivia Schelin (1)

Scotty’s Backflow and Merlin’s Comedy Club

Madelynn Stevens (2), Bennett Porter (1); Charlotte Thurston (2), Felicity Henningsgaard (1), Taytum Davis (1)

Inland NW Spine and Auction Depot

Savannah Thomson (6), Elliana Baker (1); Charlotte Thornton (1), Caraline Cool (3)

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation and TDS Fiber

June Sapp (3); Cruz Gelz (3)

Kootenai Imaging and Dairy Queen-Rathdrum

Waylon Davis (1), Own Bechtel (1); Scotlyn Swick (5), Liam LaNier (4), Hank Hubbard (1), Chloe Orchard (1)

Mountain View Forestry and Total Tax Inc.

Jesiah Kinney (4), Kaylee Fallis (2), Kohen Schumacher (8)

U6 Soccer (5 & 6 yr. old)

Merlin’s Comedy Club and NNAC INC

Guster Stevens (2); Hudson Roraback (1)

Mountain View Forestry and Champion Concrete

Cielle Ellis (1); Kolby Daniels (2)

Selling North Idaho ReMax Centennial and Mihara Law

Abel Sapp (1); Matthew Clair (2), Esther Mihara (1)

TDS Fiber and Ferguson Flatwork Inc

Waylon Chappell (1); Harlee Wynand (7), Alex Eschrich (3)

Freije Homes and Border Sheet Metal

Tessa Davenport (1); Luke Styffe (1), Emma Mustered (1)

Dairy Queen-Rathdrum and Bombshell Offroad

Taylor Tanner (1); Kolt Warren (3)

Precision Dental of Post Falls l and Lodestar Construction Services

Nora Clauson (1), Roper Graves (1) Liam Schickedanz (1), Kolby Rice (4); Johnathan Scholz (2)

TK’S Painting LLC and Kootenai County Utilities

Wyatt Drake (2), Logan Lujan (1); Kendal Keifer (1)

U8 Soccer (7 & 8 yr. old)

Edward Jones-Debbie Holmes and Nightingales Nestling Lactation

Tripp Mcleod (1), Carter Woodcock (1), Lincoln Swanson (1)

NNAC, INC and Northern State Security

Kaden Mcneil (1), Isaac White (3)

Mihara Law and NNAC, INC

Kacen Lohmiller (1), Callie O’Brien (1), Hayden Taysom (1)

CW Construction and Mountain View Forestry

Camdyn Gelz (1); Kona Hice (1), Porter Oswell (1)

Northern State Security & Investigation and Edward Jones-Debbie Holmes

Kaden McNeil (2), Isaac White (3)

Nightingales Nestling Lactation & Education and Champion Concrete

Tripp Mcleod (1), Emrey Chadwell (3), Carter Woodcock (2), Calvin Eckhardt (1); Mason Higbee (1), Owen Siegal (1)

U10 Soccer (11 & 12 yr. old)

Lodestar Construction and North Idaho Physical Therapy

Owen Hunt (1), Bradyn Kaminski (2), Nevaeh Jonas (1), Ezra Bretveld (1); Emmett Thornton (1)

NW Summit Properties and Slices of Sweet & Sassy

Logan Kunkel (1), Easton Townsend (1), Ben Woodcock (3), Kai Cardoza (1)

North Idaho Physical Therapy and NW Summit Properties

Emmett (1), Lincoln Johnson (2); Kobe Burg (1)

U12 Soccer (9 & 10 yr. old)

ZS Enterprises LLC and Rathdrum Parks and Recreation

Stellan Sanborn (1), Naomi Beuving (1); Paul Thompson (1), Terry Canoy (1)


Flag football

April 23

1st & 2nd Grade Division

7 Day Dental Smiles: Lincoln Baier 1 reception, 2 tackles, Kieran Friedt 1 touchdown, 1 reception, Declan Hughes 1 tackle, Fletcher Quaale 1 touchdown, 2 tackles

Champion Concrete Pumping & Conveying: Cameron Carver 1 touchdown, 3 tackles, Jase Carver 1 touchdown, 1 tackle, Joseph Dickinson 1 touchdown, Crtze Escamilla 1 touchdown, 2 PAT, 2 tackles, Gauge Francis 1 touchdown, 1 tackle, Bridyn Hardrick 1 touchdown, Jesse Martin 1 touchdown, Aidan Miracle 1 touchdown, 1 tackle, Jordan Orr 1 touchdown, Flynn Teverbaugh 1 touchdown, Aidan Willig 1 touchdown, Beau Zinn 1 touchdown.

Kootenai Electric Cooperative: Dakota Birsette 1 tackle, Kaiden Davis 2 tackles, Brantlee Kane 1 interception, Tysen Millsap 1 touchdown, Tristan Updegrave 1 tackle

Post Falls Brewing: Jackson Babcock 1 PAT, Tyzaiah Blodgett 1 touchdown, Reece Carbrey 1 reception, 1 tackle, Landon Clowe 1 touchdown, 2 tackles, Kyson Davis 1 tackle, Deegan Giovanardi 2 touchdowns, 1 PAT, 2 receptions, 2 tackles, Duke Hoopii 1 reception, Alex Nicholson 1 tackle, Breeze Stuhlmiller 1 tackle, Jacob Sylvain 1 tackle, Gage Vinyard 1 touchdown, 1 PAT& 1 tackle

3rd & 4th Grade Division

Bugle Construction: Ashdyn Birsette 1 tackle, Brandin Colglazier 1 tackle, Joseph Denke 1 touchdown, Seth Monje 4 tackles, Avery Nevarez 1 PAT, Ethan Valenta 3 tackles

Little Spuds Christian Preschool: Parker Dougherty 2 tackles, Bryaden Hixson 2 tackles, Kellen Netz 1 touchdown, 1 reception, 1 tackle, Shane Schroeder 1 tackle, Tony Thiel 1 tackle

Park Model Homes: Jaxin Bell 1 touchdown, 1 reception, 1 interception, 1 tackle, Jeremiah Cade 2 touchdowns, 1 PAT, 2 receptions, 4 tackles, Levi Day 4 tackles, Lukus Hodges 1 reception, Karson Lotero 1 tackle, Sylas Saris 1 tackle, Jett Simkins 1 PAT, 1 reception, 2 tackles, Braxton Smith 1 PAT, 2 tackles, Paxton Worthington 1 touchdown

Riverstone Dental Care: Phoenix Bell 1 tackle, Jackson Chisholm 1 touchdown, 1 interception, 1 tackle, Kaven Conner 1 touchdown, 1 PAT, 1 interception, Torin Conner 1 tackle, Bryson Dolliver 1 PAT, 1 reception, 1 tackle, Finn Greenland 1 PAT, 2 receptions, 1 tackle, Dominic Grillo 1 reception, Scout Peterson 2 touchdowns, 1 PAT, 1 reception

5th & 6th Grade Division

Young Construction Group of Idaho: Tucker Douglas 1 tackle, Charlie Long 2 receptions, 1 interception, 3 tacklesJonathan Lowe 1 touchdown, 1 reception, 2 tackles, Kegan Strange 1 reception, Derek Tavares 1 PAT, 1 reception, 4 tackles

Fairway Floors: Ukiah Balback 2 tackles, Landon Harbour 1 reception, 2 tackles, Eli Martin 1 tackle, Andrew Spruill 1 tackle, Blake Stokes 1 reception, 1 tackle, Luke Thompson 1 interception, 1 tackle

Mountain America Credit Union: Jazlynn Buffman 1 touchdown, Jason Cooper 2 touchdowns, 1 tackle, Henry Griffin 3 touchdowns, 1 interception, John Griffin 4 touchdowns, 1 interception, 2 tackles, Cyrus Hernandez 3 tackles, Bryson Sandoval 1 PAT, Jaxson Switzer 2 PAT, Nate Williams 1 PAT



April 20, 21, 22, 23


Gregory Construction v Bonnie’s Lil Kickers 2-0; Scoring for Gregory Construction was Leann Gregory (2).

Paronteau Junk Removal v Lash Savy 2-0; scoring for PJR were Logan Swalander (1) and Savannah Duprey (1).

Bonnie’s Lil Kickers v Paronteau Junk Removal 2-2; scoring for Bonnie’s were Jason Marks(1) and Paislee Willette (1); scoring for Paronteau was Eleanor Beuving (2).

Gregory Construction v Lash Savy 4-1; Scoring for Gregory were Alexander Warner (1), Leann Gregory (1), Hadley Eleazer (1), ghost goalie (1); scoring for Lash Savy was Cain Cole (1).


MGT Tree Care v Running Shoes 4 Kids 1-0; Scoring for MGT Tree Care was Jonathan Beuving (1).

Young Construction v Ram Products 1-0; Scoring for Young Construction was Matthew Shearer (1).


Mi Pueblo v Allen’s Painting 2-1; scoring for Mi Pueblo was Colter Nalen (2) and scoring for Allen’s Painting was Levi Hawkins (1).

Radicci Italian Bistro v Garwood Recycling 4-0; scoring for Radicci were Riley Johnson (1), Becket Baker (2) and Jonathan Alexander (1).

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant v Slices of Sweet n Sassy 4-1; Scoring for Mi Pueblo were Bella Link (3) and Lucille West (1); scoring for S.S.S.S. was Ben Woodcock (1)

Allen’s Painting v Radicci Italian Bistro 1-0; Scoring for Allen’s Painting was Shelby Alderson (1).


H&M Photography v. Kresch Real Estate 4-0; Scoring for H&M were Paul Shearer(1), Sierra Nalen(1), Rylan Meckle(2).

Jr/Sr HS

All Season Rain Gutters v Spirit Lake Parks & Recreation 4-3; Scoring for All Seasons were Austin Wilson (1), Nate Anderson (2), and Landon Grace (1); scoring for SLPR were Caleb Harris (1) and Roman Dahlin (2).

All Season Rain Gutters v EDC Kustoms 3-3; Scoring for All Season was Austin Wilson (3); scoring for EDC Kustoms were Ben Dirks (2) and Caleb Harris (1).



Week 2

April 23

At The Fields at Real Life Ministries

1/2nd Grade Division

Game 1

Green Blades - 2

Cougars - 4

Green Blades

Goals – Bowyn Gillis, Jaxsen Ontiveros


Goals - Jase VanValin

Game 2

Great White Sharks – 3

Flames - 6


Goals – Benjamin Erickson, Jackson Rogers, Micah Looyenga

Great White Sharks

Goals – Austin Realmuto, Grayson Sifford, Marie Brodin

Game 3

Blue Destroyers - 7

The Panthers – 1

Blue Destroyers

Goals – Curran Oswald, Dominic Harsh, Kinsely Thorne, Liam Williams, Owen Lokken

The Panthers

Goals – Audrey Anderson

Game 4

Cheetahs – 0

The Defenders - 2

Cheetahs –

Goals - Aida Stanley, Aven Oseguera, Esmae Clark, Jaxtyn Springs

The Defenders –

Goals – Ellie Batchelder, Tommy Cooper

Game 5

Blue Thunder – 1

Green Dragons – 2

Blue Thunder –

Goals – Rory Vick

Green Dragons

Goals –Merrick Morse, Tatum Chesnut, Torin Chesnut

3/4th Grade Division

Game 1

White Huskies - 4

Artic Foxes - 5

White Huskies

Goals – Aubree Dever, Cayden Teal, Fox Harty

Artic Foxes

Goals – Jesse Ellars, Joshua Brunk, Peter Ratcliffe, Tyler Pentis

Game 2

Cobras – 2

White Huskies - 3


Goals – Addilynn Enns, Owen Sheppard

Orange Peels

Goals – Isaac Berghorst, Keegan Michael, Teagan Phenicie

Game 3

Madalorians - 3

Blue Sharks - 4

Blue Sharks

Goals –Cecilia Heape, Peyton Baxter, Reed Dickson


Goals – Emmett Couillard, Palmer Murphy

Game 4

Real Madrid – 6

Lil Disasters – 2

Real Madrid

Goals – Aure Brennan, Brenden Whitney, Griffin Higgins

Lil Disasters

Goals – Easton Molitor, Karis Castro

5/6th Grade Division

Game 1

Phoenix - 0

Warriors – 4


Goals – Amos Hunter, Brody Stroud, Calvin Gant

Game 2

White Shadow – 3

Bayern Munich - 2

Bayern Munich

Goals – Parker Stearns Porter VanValin

White Shadow

Goals – Andy Cox, Brandon Morse, Easton Annotti


April 23

At The Courts at Real Life Ministries

3rd to 5th Grade Division

Match 1

Spit Fire – 1 Set

Sky Servers – 2 Sets

Match 2

Purple Panthers – 1 Set

The Royals – 2 Sets

The Royals – Aces - Allie McKain, Amelia Lewis, Ella Rude, Emery Gilbert, Hannah Batchhelder, Harper Trahanes, Lilly Chase, Raya Batchelder, Sophia McKain

Purple Panthers – Aces - Addison Baker, Finley Covey, Hannah Bassols, Iyla Oseguera, Jayde Nelke, Julia Bassols, Katelynn Clark, Kopelyn Olson, Olivia Baker

Match 3

Orange Crush – 3 Sets

Fierce Wolves – 0 Sets

Orange Crush (3/5th Grade) – Aces – Ada Lynch, Addison Rogers, Allison Morley, Angeley Shields, Annika Travis, Iylee Wise, Liz Morley, Lyla Crawford, Sophia Rogers, Stella Cleave

Fierce Wolves – Aces – Harmony Anderson, Harper Sanborn, Leah Vichinsky, Lucy Vranich, Parker Barclift, Riley Zirker, Sarah Mueller

Match 4

Sunset Spikers – 2 Sets

Spring Setters – 1 set

Sunset Spikers – Aces – Addison Salas, Amelia Preiss, Avy Murphy, Julian Rude, Lila Preston, Lila Preston, Lucy Swanstrom, Olivia Harty, Paisely Roberts

Spring Setters – Aces – Abby Grady, Bristol Schreiner, Eisley Stavness, Grace Kacalek, Kalli Realmuto, Kennedy Short

6 to 8th Grade Division

Match 1

Red Alert – 0 Sets

Flip Stick – 3 Sets

Red Alert – Aces – Abigail Hampsch, Dani Russell, Gigi Mummery, Samara Melton

Flip Stick – Aces – Kaya Myers, Lucy Love, Rian Short, Zuri Blood

Match 2

Orange Crush (6/8th Grade) - 3 Sets

Aqua Lions - 0 Sets

Orange Crush – Aces – Chloe Hite, Gracie Wilson, Hanna Milligan, Harli Folda, Mckenna Wilson, Millie Cushman, Natalya Young, Riley Laney, Vera Dahl

Aqua Lions – Aces – Jaidyn Devos, Jewel Malmoe, Kaylee Gibbs, Summer Kenyon

Match 3

Shark Bite – 0 Sets

Super Chargers – 3 Sets

Shark Bite – Aces – Riley Hill

Super Chargers – Aces – Adeline Mavrinac, Haylie Slawson, Jayden Johnson, Luella Treto, Molly Thomas

Match 4

Green Gators – 3 Sets

Purple People Eaters – 0 Sets

Green Gators – Aces – Anabella Palaniuk, Breanna Gordon, Isabelle Meredith, Lexie Fisher, Tessa Dorr

Purple People Eaters – Aces – Desi Palm, Lydia Rush, Paisley Keller




Idaho Forest Group – Lailah Johnson 2 goals.

Panacea Financial – Kanyon Stone 2 goals, Hailey Hober and Scarlette Mysse 1 goal.

Young Construction – Evellyn Howard 2 goals and Natalie Gittel 1 goal.

Intechtel – Sage Cooper 3 goals.

Idaho Forest Group – Avery Kartchner 1 goal.


Ironman Foundation – Zoey Johnson and Shaylee Osler 3 goals, Annie Grant 1 goal.

Reliable Towing – Hailey Moss 3, Ivy Cooper and Kylie Schnetter 1 goal.

NAPA – Emmy Parris and Harper Wing 3 goals, Daisy Griffin 2, Charlotte Hober and Austen Douglas 1 goal.

Dorian Photography – Malia Kuehu 3 goals.

Papa Murphys – Ocoe Kaplan 4 goals, Hailey Gittel 3 goals, and Juliette Jerkins 1 goal.

Ironman Foundation – Shaylee Osler 2 goals, Annie Grant, Zoey Johnson, Parvati Palmgren, and Alex Keating 1 goal.

Napa – Charlotte Hober and Emmy Parris 2 goals, Austen Douglas, Marlys Smith, and Daisy Griffin 1 goal.

Reliable Towing – Nikita Dechaine and Kylie Schnetter 1 goal.

Papa Murphys – Jerzey Franks and Ocoe Kaplan 1 goal.


Papa Murphys – Easton Moore 2, Vincent Nyist, James Doalson, Knolyn Kuhn 1 goal each.

Lake City Auto Care – Carter Dance 1 goal.


Priebe Chiropractic - Daniel Ploof 1 goal.

Ironman Foundation – Timmy Shotropa 5 goals, Cody Stockton 1 goal.

THorco – Jack Green 1 goal.

Cannon Hill Industries – Gunnar Noble, Ronan Granier, and Ryley Brown 1 goal.

Intechtel – Nathan Babor 1 goal.

Ironman Foundation – Timmy Shotropa 1 goal.

Priebe Chiropractic – Luca Pierantoni, Caleb Leggett, and Daniel Ploof 1 goal.

Thorco – Hunter Hermance 1 goal.


Idaho Forest Group – Max Jasmin 2 goals.

1st Choice Insurance – Bradley Leggett 2 goals and Bentley Knoll 1 goal.

Integrated Personnel – Austin Hill 2 goals.

Supercut Manufacturing – Lillee Ward, Parson Buttars, and Flavius Kitsak 1 goal.

JTO Electric – Michael Steffani 2 goals.

Lakeside Oral Surgery – Soa Kimstayton 3 goals, Sawyer Deck 2 goals, and Jason Kuplack 1 goal.

Supercut Manufacturing – Lillee Ward and Parson Buttars 1 goal.

JTO Electric – Asher Rouse and Mason Kirkland 1 goal.

1st Choice Insurance – Zack Burkwist and Bentley Knoll 1 goal.

Young Construction – Carter Tjensvoll 3 goals and Aiden Toomey 1 goal.

Lakeside Oral Surgery – Emanual Vlad and Sawyer Deck 1 goal.

Cannon Hill Industries – Nathan Shotropa 3 goals and Austin Little 1 goal.


Alert Automotive – Matt Cook 1 goal.

1982 Welding – Sam Priebe 3 goals, Daxon Priebe 2 goals, Eli Campbell and Wyatt Knott 1 goal.

Panhandle Landworks – Hannah Barajas 2 goals, Brendan Toomey and Riley Christianson 1 goal.

Alert Automotive – Greyson Gimbel 1 goal.

1982 Welding – Daxon Priebe and Sam Priebe 2 goals, Ethan Skiles, Ryder Hutchins, and Wyatt Knott 1 goal.


Crandall Law Firm – Riley Ward 2 goals and Logan Thompson 1 goal.


Post Falls Middle School took third place overall for boys and girls at the Post Falls Invitational middle school track meet on Thursday.

Placing for the Post Falls Middle School boys were:

Jackson Lysne - 3rd place - 1600M

Jet Zobell - 4th place - 1600M

Lucas Orsua - 3rd place - 110M Hurdles

Jet Zobell - 5th place - 110M Hurdles

Xander Scholes - 2nd place - Shot put

Morgan Mims - 4th place - Shot put

Jackson Lysne - 5th place - 800M

Jet Zobell - 2nd place - Long jump

Isaiah Naylor - 3rd place - Long jump

Garret Hall - 4th place - Long jump

Elliot Ries - 4th place - Long jump

Xander Scholes - 1st place - Discus

Morgan Mims - 4th place - Discus

Lucas Orsua - 4th place - High jump

Placing for the Post Falls Middle School girls were:

Riley Brazle - 1st place - 1600M

Annabelle Tucker - 4th place - 100M Hurdles

Auriana Peters-Smith - 3rd place - 100M

Finley Carpenter - 3rd place - 400M

Olivia Hollenbeck - 5th place - 400M

Taylor Hodges - 2nd place - Long jump

Teagan Goodwin - 5th place - Long jump

Aubrey Baker - 2nd place - Discus

Alexa Raihl - 5th place - Discus

Riley Brazle - 1st place - 800M

Sophia Stewart - 5th place - Shot put



April 23

Mini-Kickers (3-4 yr.olds)

Amendola Doty & Brumley, PLC: Oaklyn Cole-1 goal; Alexander Menzies 2-goals; Holly Moore 1-goal; Rowan Moore 1-goal


Back Forty Real Estate: Will Andriese 2-goals; Tatum Turnbull 1-goal

Bear's General Contracting:NO STATS AVAILABLE

Belle's Brunch House:NO STATS AVAILABLE

Bent Liquid, LLC: Tanner Burton 3-goals; Eli Irwin 1-goal

Coyle & Eyman: Cooper Lewis 1-goal; Lennox Van Hill 2-goals

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: Sawyer Shepherd 1-goal

Fred's Plumbing: Wyatt Kenny 4-goals; Bennett Russell 1-goal

Hayden Vision Source: Grey Gallia 1-goal; Captain icardo 1-gaol; Niveen Jeffreys 1-goal

Henbest Hideaway: Arcturus Byrum 2-goals

Hustoft Designer Homes: NO STATS AVAILABLE


Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry:NO STATS AVAILABLE

Northwest Land & Lifestyle Properties: Wesley Wiedemann 1-goal

Open Road Auto Concierge: Hudson Adrian 2-goals; Brekken Gunn 2-goals

Selkirk Sport: Bentley Holt 1-goal

Super 1 Foods: Jackson Aiman 1-goal; Walker Matuszak 4-goals; Oliver Wright 1-goal

Tactical Detail: Addison Reyes 1-goal; Maybelline Sichelstiel 1-goal; Axel Zbinden 3-goals

Tim Buck Tu Appraisals: Ryker Bartoo 1-goal; Finn Messerly 1-goal

VanZandt Financial: NO STATS AVAILABLE


Micro-Kickers (5-6 yr. olds)

Avista: Rory Delaney 2-goals; Oakley McPhee 1-goal; Killian Pierce 1-goal; Jackson Populus 2-goals

Dougherty & Associates CPA'S: Ryker Bertek 1-goal; Aiden McPhilomy 2-goals


Glahe & Associates: Brystol Hayes 1-goal; Aiden Jeffreys 5-goals; Emory Wilson 1-goal

Hayden Vision Source:NO STATS AVAILABLE

Hubof's Landscaping LLC:NO STATS AVAILABLE

ICON Roofing: Kier MacKeage 3-goals; Garrett Pedersen 1-goal; Rylan Wallenburn 4-goals

Inline Tax: AJ Bowman 1-goal

Kootenai County Utilities Council: NO STATS AVAILABLE

Kore Power: Harvey Granier 3-goals; Jayden Long 1-goal

Lake City Auto Care: Alexander Boggess 2-goasls; Jovie Clark 2-goals; Finley Mandel 1-goal; Alice Tincup 1-goal

Lakeside Oral Surgery: Lincoln Haynie 2-goals; Finley Matheson 1-goal

Lakeside Pediatrics: Holden Anderson 1-goal; Caustin Fencl 1-goal

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Cameron Howard 5-goals

Master's Fence & Custom Iron Works: Estes Hartley 1-goal


Mountain Bluebird Learning Center: Colin Happeny 1-goal; Archer Welch 2-goals

Saturday Night Inc.: Shay Bridges 1-goal; Cyrus Cascarina 1-goal; Bella Neiddiffer 1-goal; Hudson Nivette 1-goal; Kennedy Wise 1-goal

Selkirk Sport: Athanasius Berry 1-goal


Viking Construction: Bentley Brancato 5-goals; Cooper Corbeill 5-goals; Mia Mulligan 2-goals

Wake Media: Abrielle Hazen 2-goals; Archer Jasper 3-goals; Karson Kane 1-goal

8U Coed

Ace Drywall: Flint Barton 1-goal; Peyton Jett 1-goal

Belle's Bruch House: Aryn Tell 2-goals

BZ Dirtworks: Noah Harris 1-goal

CDA Painting Group: Milo Wallenburn 1-goal

DOMA Coffee: Jack Harrison-1-goal; Remington Magrath 2-goals

Hayden Vision Source: Caleb McFadden 1-goal; Gerard Pierce 1-goal

Idaho Forest Group: NO STATS AVAILABLE

North of Nowhere- NO STATS AVAILABLE

Saturday Night, INC.: Valor Cale 1-goal

Viking Construction: Rylan Nitti 1-goal

10U Coed

Clark's Jewelers : Blair Burk 1-goal; Teela Fleweling 1-goal; Ty McFadden 3-goals; Beckham Wise 1-goal

Fred's Plumbing: Julianna Bonacci 2-goals; Austin Cooper 1-goal; Owen Harrison 2-goals


Lancaster Market: Banyan Sisson 1-goal

Looyenga Photography: McCoy icardo 1-goal; Emery Mckee 1-goal; Judah Wymer 2-goals


Titan Spring: Lilli Alderman 2-goals; Jacek Kaplan 6-goals

Trademark Mechanical: Brylee Brown 1-goal; Benji Whitcomb 1-goal

12U Coed

Austin's Ladder: Benjamin Magoffin 1-goal


Liberty: Logan Cotant- 2-goals; Liam Micke 1-goal

Titan Spring: Luke Edgehouse 1-goal; Sebastian Guitron 1-goal; Kyler Harrison 1-goal; Clint Harwood 1-goal; Danika Thompson 1-goal

15U Coed

Ace Drywall: Aidan Stewart 2-goals


Trinity Church: Justin Busby 2-goals; Jackson Busby 1-goal


Avant Coeur

Region 2 Regional Championships

Vancouver, Wash.

Level 6

Mila Behunin took 3rd on Bars with a 9.275 and had a high of 9.250 on Floor

Callista Petticolas tied for 5th on Vault with a 8.950, had a high of 9.050 on Beam and a high of 9.025 on Floor

Level 7

Claire Traub took 3rd on Bars with a 9.525, tied for 5th on Floor with a 9.525 and tied for 4th All Around with a 37.675

Avery Hammons had a high of 9.375 on Vault, tied for 1st on Bars with a 9.775, had a high of 9.525 on Floor and took 9th All Around with a 37.375

Georgia Carr had a high of 9.200 on Vault and a high of 9.050 on Beam

Addy Prescott had a high of 9.100 on Vault and a high of 9.175 on Floor

Level 8

Piper St John had a high of 9.350 on Floor

Sara Rogers took 7th on Beam with a 9.075 and had a high of 9.200 on Floor

Level 9

Jazzy Quagliana had a high of 8.775 on Vault and a high of 8.925 on Floor

Level 10

Madalyn McCormick had a high of 9.100 on Vault

Maiya Terry took 2nd on Vault with a 9.200, 2nd on Bars with a 9.150, 2nd on Beam with a 9.050, 3rd on Floor with a 9.000 and 2nd All Around with a 36.400

Submit items for youth and non-varsity high school sports by noon Tuesday for publication Wednesday. Email stories and photos (in .jpg format) to

Information: 208-664-8176, Ext. 2019


Courtesy photo Braden Smith, a member of the the FC North Idaho B08/09 Rider team and Idaho 2009 ODP team, has been invited to the US Youth Soccer ODP summer event being held in Salt Lake City this summer. For this event, each state has selected its top players from each age group to attend, represent, and compete. Braden will head to the Real Salt Lake City Training Academy in July to compete against some of the top players in hopes to earn his way to Florida.


Photo by ABBY FREMOUW On Sunday, the Timbers North FC 10 Boys White soccer team tied 1-1 with the Cheney Storm FC 09/10 at Canfield Middle School. Mason Cramer scored for the Timbers, and Kellen Anderson was in goal. Pictured above is Luke Nagle of the Timbers.


Courtesy photo The FC North Idaho Girls 10/11 soccer team played the Sandpoint Strikers to a 3-3 tie in Spokane Valley. Pictured from left is Layla Cozza, Abigale Smith, Director of Coaching Ashley Rider, Gabriella Navarrete, Cayla Zlateff, Abby Mcarthur, goalkeeper Zoey Flerchinger, Elizabeth Applegate, Paige Baldridge, Ashlynn Fassler, coach Alex Navarrete, Eva Berzoza and Alexa Barth.


Courtesy photo The FC North Idaho Boys 08/09 soccer team traveled to Spokane Valley for a doubleheader on Saturday where they beat EWS Surf 2-1 and FC Spokane Levin 4-1 to improve to 4-0. In the front row from left are Reid Thompson, Daniel Weiler, Cole Zlateff, Griffin Patterson, Xander Hirschi, Marty Babb, Archer Coburn, Braden Smith and Aina Tachera; and back row from left, Director of Coaching Ashley Rider, Brady Navarrete, Benjamin Henry, Milo Griebel, Frankie Lopez, Ethan Applegate, Henry Earnest and Paxton Grant.


Courtesy photo Timbers North FC 08 Boys Red soccer team traveled to Whitefish, Mont., last weekend. In their first game the Timbers beat HYSA 08 Boys 5-0. Jaxon Fantozzi had a goal and an assist. Preston Samayoa, Reilly Smith, Isaac Lowder and Brett Johnson each had a goal. Wyatt Carr had an assist. In their second game the Timbers won 3-0 over FVU 08. Preston Samayoa had a goal and an assist. Reese Crawford and Jaxon Fantozzi each had a goal. Drake Flowers and Reilly Smith each had an assist. Orion Burns was in goal for both games. In the front row from left are Preston Samayoa, Joshua Rojo, Caden Oxenrider, Drake Flowers, Brett Johnson and Orion Burns; and back row from left, Parker Sterling, Charlie Dircksen, Bear Coleman, Isaac Lowder, Reilly Smith, Reese Crawford, Wyatt Carr, Jaxon Fantozzi and coach Nick Funkhouser.


Courtesy photo Lauren Rook, 13, of Hayden, won $3,285 on her horse Tucker at the Sanctuary Barrel Races/Xtreme Mini-Million Barrel Races this past weekend in Redmond, Ore. She was competing in the open division, which included some 450 horses. Lauren, an eighth-grader at Canfield Middle School, qualified for the Xtreme Million Dollar race in Salina, Utah, in June.


Courtesy photo The Timbers North FC 03/04 Boys Red soccer participated in a series of soccer matches in Missoula over the weekend. On Saturday morning the Timbers defeated Helena HYSA 03 3-0. Noah Janzen, Otto Geilenfeldt and Logan Koller scored one each, and Even Brinkmeier and Joseph Sarkis had one assist each. Kael McGowan had the shutout in goal. On Saturday evening the Timbers were defeated by Missoula Strikers 03 Black 3-2. Logan Koller and Noah Janzen scored once each for the Timbers. On Sunday morning the Timbers defeated Bilings BU Pink 03 3-0. Walker Jump, Otto Geilenfeldt and Tyler Gasper each had one goal, and Evan Lowder, Joseph Sarkis and Nolan Angell each had one assist. Kael McGowan had the shutout in goal. In the front row from left are Cody Smith, Otto Geilenfeldt, Noah Janzen, Logan Coller, Evan Lowder, Tyler Gasper, Ethaniel Johnson and Nolan Angell; and back row from left, Andon Brandt, Joseph Sarkis, Evan Brinkmeier, Christian Weber, Kael McGowan, Zak Wenglikowski, Walker Jump, Evan Darling and Jack Shrontz.


Senior track and field athlete Dalton Wild is this week's Post Falls High School Athlete of the Week: Wild won the 100-meter dash and placed second in the 200-meter dash at the Knight Invitational at Bishop Kelly High School. Wild set a school record in the 100-meter dash preliminaries with a time of 10.95.


Courtesy photo Avant Coeur Gymnastics freshman Level 10 Maiya Terry qualified for the national championships this past weekend during her regional competition in Vancouver, Wash. She will compete against Level 10s from all over the United States on May 14 in Mesa, Ariz. She is Avant Coeur’s first Level 10 to qualify since 2015.


Courtesy photo Avant Coeur Level 6s competed at the Level 6 invitational at the Region 2 Regional Championships in Vancouver, Wash. Pictured are Callista Petticolas, left, and Mila Behunin.


Courtesy photo Avant Coeur Level 9 and 10 qualifiers at Region 2 Regional Championships in Vancouver, Wash. From left are Maddy Edwards, Jazzy Quagliana, Maiya Terry, Mira Fowler and Madalyn McCormick.


Courtesy photo Avant Coeur Level 7 qualifiers competed at the Region 2 Regional Championships in Vancouver, Wash. From left are Addy Prescott, Georgia Carr, Claire Traub and Avery Hammons.


Courtesy photo Avant Coeur Level 8 qualifier Piper St John at the Region 2 Regional championships in Vancouver, Wash.


Courtesy photo Avant Coeur Level 8 qualifier Sara Rogers at the Region 2 Regional Championships in Vancouver, Wash.


Photo by BUSCEMA PHOTOGRAPHY The Timbers North FC 11 Boys soccer team traveled to Boise for the BTT Performance Cup this past weekend, facing some of the top teams in the state. Timbers goals were scored by Charlie McVey (5), Oliver Peters (2) and Owen Newby (1). Lucas Buscema and Ryder Quinn had assists. Kolby Johnson and Damon Mysse were goalkeepers. The team will host EW Surf SC Palouse B11/B12 Black Marenah on Saturday at Canfield. From left are coach Mark Plakorus, Kellan Alexander, Oliver Peters, Kolby Johnson, Asher Smith, Charlie McVey, Ryder Quinn, Owen Newby, Lucas Buscema, Bode Barton, Landon Smith, Ryder Benca, Maxim Lopez and Damon Mysse.


Courtesy photo The Timbers FC 09 Boys Red soccer team coached by Jason Wyatt and Matt Fritts played 3 friendlies this past weekend in Missoula, Mont. On Saturday afternoon, the Timbers beat GE SC 09 black 3-2. Timbers goals were by Rowan Wyatt assisted by Mason Taylor, and by Luke Fritts and Blake Wise. On Saturday evening the Timbers beat Billings Utd 09B pink 1-0. Kason Foreman scored on a corner kick from Creighton Lehosit, and Stefan Pawlik had the shutout in goal. On Sunday afternoon the Timbers beat the Missoula Strikers Red 6-1. Timbers goals were scored by Luke Fritts, Taylor Smith, Mason Taylor, Rowan Wyatt, Kason Foreman and Payson Shaw. Goalkeeping was shared by Stefan Pawlik and Grant Johnson. Pictured above is Jacob Melun (12) of the Timbers dribbling past a Billings United player in Saturday evening's game.


Courtesy photo The Thorns North FC 08 Girls Red soccer team traveled to Missoula, Mont., this past weekend. In TNFC's first game they beat HYSA G08 Blue 6-0. Avery Lathen had 2 goals and one assist, Alyvia Morris had one goal and one assist. Hailoh Whipple, Kambrya Powers and Allison Carrico each had goals. Isabella Grimmett, Kamryn Kirk and Cameron Fischer each had assists. Their second game was against Billings United G08 the Thorns won 1-0. Avery Lathen scored the lone goal. In game three, TNFC beat the Missoula Strikers GU14 3-1. Allison Carrico had two out of the three goals while Kambrya Powers scored the other goal. Cameron Fischer and Avery Lathen each had assists. Macy Walters defended the goal for all 3 games. In the front row from left are Avery Lathen, Isabella Grimmett, Hailoh Whipple, Macy Walters, Avery Wright, Cameron Fischer and Sloan Waddell; and back row from left, Izzy Entzi, Ella Pearson, Alisa Grantham, Kambrya Powers, Alyvia Morris, Nora Ryan, Allison Carrico, Kamryn Kirk, Adysen Robinson and coach Matt Ruchti.

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