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BEWARE: Medical totalitarianism

| September 17, 2021 1:00 AM

Response to the op-ed about disciplining physicians by Jim Jones.

This article validates the widespread concern that the nation and the world are under threat of totalitarian rule.

The FSMB statement he referenced that we physicians MUST follow consensus is dangerous and opposed to our responsibility to think independently and follow evidence, and our conscience in collaboration with our patients. That is a foundational principle I was taught in medical school. Sadly in this culture it has been swept aside.

We have boards that can discipline physicians who can be clearly shown to be doing harm. Rightly so. But this is a grave responsibility.

The current situation with COVID is highly complex and has become politicized to the extreme. Even liberal publications admit the CDC has lost credibility having bowed to political agendas.

We have thousands of physicians who disagree strongly with their directives. There is no real consensus on much of the policy. Much of it does not follow any real science.

Regarding ivermectin, the article referencing it as dewormer amounts to gaslighting. Ivermectin won a Nobel prize for its huge benefits treating humans for parasites. There are multiple randomized trials showing benefit treating COVID. And it is exceptionally safe.

My opinion is that we need bigger quality studies to make final determination, but a judge castigating a medical professional for prescribing it is tyrannical. Frightening. Sad. Unamerican.

This strongly suggests that indeed there is a nefarious political agenda.

Medical totalitarianism is an invitation to resistance and more chaos.