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Youth Sports Sept. 15, 2021

| September 15, 2021 1:00 AM



U4 Soccer

Auction Depot & Avenue West Real Estate

Ember Weitz (2), Charlotte Thurston (2), Warren Everson (3), Paizley Gould (1), Tessa Davenport (1), Jadyn Flory (2)

Rathdrum Lions Club & Idaho Forest Group

Harland DeGruy (5), Avery Delgado-Lopez (2), Gabriel Savage (4), Seth Haisten-Irvine (1)

Freije Home Designs & Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Waylon Chappell, Waylon (2), Bentley Freije (1), Finnick Wagner (1)

TDS (White) & TDS (Blue)

Cruz Gelz (2), Brantley Saeger (7), Thatcher Quinonez (1), Ayla Liddiard (1)

U6 Soccer

Auction Depot & Patriots

Trey Hutchison (1), Kendal Kiefer (1), Ryker Haisten (1)

Rathdrum Lions Club & Quality Maids

Cash Fitting (3), Nickyl Hesse (1), Blaire Warren (1), Ryker Moos (1)

Rathdrum Parks and Recreation & Edward Jones – Debbie Holmes

Aaron Baughman (1), Kyland Eastin (7), Kinsley Davidson (1)

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & PNW Drywall

Jordy Lang (1), Keegan Martin (2), Guster Stevens (1), Malachi Wilhelm (1)

Mihara Law & ExBabylon IT Solutions

Parker Jenkins (4), Esther Mihara (1), Olivia Record (2), Skyler Hall (1)

U8 Soccer

The “Phil”ibusters & Rathdrum Lions Club

Cater Woodcock (1), Jonah Payne (1)

Rathdrum Parks and Recreation & NNAC, INC.

Collin O’Rourke (1)

Mihara Law & Ace Hardware

Cora Mihara (1), Parker Singer (4), Archer Alderson (1), Owen Hunt (2)

CW Construction & Avenue West Real Estate

Easton Townsend (1), Evelyn Malensky (1)



Week 1

Mini-Kickers (3-4 year-olds)

Back 40 Real Estate: Emmett Cowan- 1 goal; Karson Kane- 2 goals; Maddox Wolfinger- 3 goals

Designer Homes: No stats available

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: Kaydin Camarata- 1 goal; Luca Clark- 1 goal; Henry Mandel- 5 goals

Eye Guys Optical: Cooper Hassett- 1 goal; Nicksen Hubof- 2 goals

Fred's Plumbing: Mason Anderson- 1 goal; Cooper Swanson- 1 goal

Hayden Vision Source: Peter Amador- 1 goal; Ryker Bertek- 5 goals; Bowen Flamm- 1 goal; Elanor Moore- 2 goals

Inline Tax: Peyton Adams- 1 goal

Jan Jesberger Insurance: No stats available

Lakeside Pediatrics: Emrys Geddes- 1 goal

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Jett Tanner- 3 goals

McDonald's: Adalie Kaestner- 3 goals; Reagan Watts- 1 goal

McDonald's: Evelyn Dahm-1 goal; Evangeline Kerr-2 goals; Audrey Kilcup-3 goals

RMM Consulting: Isaiah Vatterroft- 7 goals

Super 1 Foods: Nora Burt- 3 goals; Theo Galvin- 3 goals; William Higgins- 2 goals; Grey Leggat- 3 goals

Tactical Detail: Emmett Pedersen- 4 goals

Viking Construction: Rachel Bemis- 3 goals; Axel Zbinden- 1 goal

Wake Media: Zoey Baxter- 1 goal; Griff Georgius- 1 goal

Micro-Kickers (5-6 year-olds)

Coeur d'Alene Painting Group: Hayden Bemis- 4 goals; Declan Cleave- 2 goals

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: No stats available

Eye Guys Optical: No stats available

Fred's Plumbing: No stats available

Hayden Cars: No stats available

Hayden Vision Source: Jami Bott- 4 goals; Eric Newell- 1 goal

Idaho Forest Group: No stats available

Lakeside Oral Surgery: Harvey Granier- 4 goals; Lincoln Haynie- 1 goal; Aaron Martin- 2 goals; Finley Matheson- 3 goals

Lakeside Pediatrics: Niko Clark- 1 goal

Laserbugs: Everett Case- 1 goal; Jackson Martin- 1 goal; Melody Trout- 1 goal

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Ondine Sichelstiel- 3 goals

Master's Fence Company & Custom Iron Works: No stats available

RMM Consulting: Jacob Castro- 1 goal; Tayt Engle- 2 goals; Mia Mulligan- 1 goal

Selkirk Construction: Kimberly Colby- 1 goal; Allison Legg- 5 goals; Aiden McPhilomy- 4 goals; Sylvie Wallace- 2 goals

Super 1 Foods: Easton Karlgaard- 2 goals; Ivy Moyer- 1 goal

Viking Construction: Adeline Abinden- 1 goal; Alexander Boggess- 1 goal; Everett Talbot- 1 goal

U8 Coed

Belle's Brunch House: No stats available

Chomper Cafe: Mack Berend- 1 goal; Emery McKee- 4 goals

Fred's Plumbing: Preston Jensen- 1 goal; Carter Mitchell- 1 goal; Vivienne Scott- 1 goal

Hawkeyes: Owen Irwin- 2 goals; Lyla Maestas- 1 goal; Harper Yalian- 1 goal

Hayden Vision Source: Oliver Clark- 2 goals

Lancaster Market: Ben Fletcher- 1 goal

Saturday Night Inc: Adam Schoeny- 1 goal

Squeaky's Car Wash: Mailee Larocco- 2 goals

U10 Coed

Lakeside Oral Surgery: No stats available

Lakeside Pediatrics: McCoy Icardo- 1 goal; Blake Karlgaard- 2 goals; Benjamin Magoffin- 2 goals; Ethan Skiles- 1 goal

McDonald's: No stats available

Meine Insurance: No stats available

Miller Metge Design Group: Ethan MacPherson- 6 goals

Squeaky's Car Wash: Mason Engberson- 1 goal; Nathan Gillie- 1 goal; Cody Sutich- 1 goal

Super 1 Foods: Ty McFadden- 2 goals; Lilly Murphy- 2 goals; Kashton Pintler- 2 goals

U12 Coed

Andy's Heating & Cooling: Luke Edgehouse- 4 goals; Sebastian Guitron- 1 goal; Danika Thompson- 2 goals

Call Before you Dig-811: Owen Chapin- 4 goals; Keeten Icardo- 1 goal

Stage 1776: Justin Busby- 3 goals

Zip's Drive-In: No stats available

Flag Football

Sept. 11


Armstrong Insurance: Zane Armstrong- 2 tackles; Caden Bennett- touchdown, 1pt PAT; Tripp McLeod- 4 tackles; Jaxon Simkins- tackle

Bailey Media: Bryce Buskirk- 2pt PAT, tackle; Waylon Gardener- 3 touchdowns, 7 tackles; Roper Graves- 1 tackle; Habeck, Braxton- touchdown, safety, 1pt PAT, 2 tackles; Isaiah Luster- touchdown, 2pt PAT, 13 tackles, Jackson Mitchell- 2 tackles

Dickinson Insurance: Griffin Moore- long run; Cooper Stotz- 2 touchdowns, 2-1pt PAT's, 2 tackles; Blake Shikei- touchdown, tackle, long run


DEI Inc: Bronson Bligh- 6 tackles; Jack Boland- touchdown, 1pt PAT, 2 receptions, tackle; Trenton Engle- 2 touchdowns, 1pt PAT; Kamden Korthals- tackle; Kyler Strailman- 2 tackles

Dickinson Insurance: Hayden Graisy- touchdown; Wyatt James- 5 tackles; Brandon Williams- 2 receptions

Elite Physical Therapy: Grant Aldrich- 2 tackles; Cason Bishop- 1pt PAT; Mason Brodin- 2 tackles; Liam Miller- tackle; Zack Presley- tackle; Emmett Starkey- touchdown, tackle, long QB sneak; Ryder Washburn- 2 tackles

Kootenai Law Group: Cody Burrill- tackle; Sam Green- 1pt PAT; Jayce Johnston- 2 tackles, sack; Kashton Pintler- 2 touchdowns, interception, 2 tackles; Drew Siegford- touchdown, 2 tackles; Brooks Wearne- 2 tackles; Brock Caufield- 3 tackles




Young Construction – Kanyon Stone 2 goals, Tessa Schmidt 1 goal.

Ironman Foundation – Kyrie Bitnoff 2 goals, Kelly Smidt, Addilyn Nathan, Evellyn Howard, Kelly Smidt 1 goal each.

McDonalds – Devyn Wassink 4 goals and Jasmine Ball 1 goal.


Reliable Towing – Brynlee Johnston 5 goals and Violet Oberholzer 1 goal.

Intechtel – Hailey Gittel 4 goals.

Fishhead Performance – Malia Kuehu 1 goal.

Idaho Forest Group – Zoey Johnson 5 goals, Henley Combs 2 goals and Shaylee Osler 1 goal.


Parker Wright 1 goal.

RMM Consulting – Noah Miller 1 goal.

Cannon Hill Industries – Josh Travis 1 goal.


Ironman Foundatin – Jonathan Kitsak 3 goals.

Cd’A Press – John Shotropa, Reese Crandall, Alyx Matthews 2 goals, Sophia Peppin, Scout Brown, and Sam Hines 1 goal.

CDA Foot & Ankle Surgery - Logan Thompson 1 goal.



Sept. 11


N. Id. State Fair vs Brickle Creek Coffee 0-5; scoring for Brickle Creek were Brooklyn Smith, 4 goals and Micah Andrews, 1 goal

Kootenai Utilities vs. Retrofit Athletics 3-2; scoring for Kootenai Utilities Jesse Phipps-Winland, 2 goals and Beckett Baker, 1 goal. Scoring for Retrofit were Gwen Fritz, 1 goal and Jonathan Alexander, 1 goal


Ram Products vs Lakeland Eye Clinic 0-2; scoring for Lakeland Eye Clinic was Carlyn Hearte, 2 goals

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Photo by BRITNEY NUSSER The Thorns North FC 2011 girls yellow soccer team beat the Spokane Scotties 2-0 at the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex in Spokane on Saturday. Brightyn Gatten and Aubrey Sargent each scored one goal for the Thorns. Pictured in white is Brightyn Gatten closing in on the keeper, with teammate Hailey Viaud to her left.


Photo courtesy BUSCEMA PHOTOGRAPHY The Thorns North FC 14 girls soccer team hosted the Sandpoint Strikers 2014G on Saturday, and played to a 4-4 tie. Thorns goals were scored by Stella Hartzell, Finley Martin, Lyla Maestas and Brielle Buscema. The Thorns travel to Sandpoint this weekend to play in the Pend Oreille Cup. In the front row from left are Stella Hartzell, Lillian Webb, Lyla Maestas, Avery Doran, Audrey Rietze, Grace Rudd and Eloise Carper; second row from left, Emma Thompson, Finley Martin, Hatty Lemmon and Brielle Buscema; and rear, coaches Katie Martin, Kara Lemmon and Jean Carper.


Photo courtesy BUSCEMA PHOTOGRAPHY The Timbers North FC 11 Boys soccer team played host to 90+ Project B11 Hartanov/Valdez from Spokane on Saturday, but came up short of the win. The Timbers' goal was scored by Ryder Quinn (pictured, in white). Nolan Rice and Damon Mysse had multiple saves at goalkeeper. The Timbers travel to Sandpoint this weekend to play in the Pend Oreille Cup.