Thursday, June 30, 2022

SCHOOLS: Support levy supporters

| October 28, 2021 1:00 AM

The school board may be the most important thing on the ballot Nov. 2. All three KCRCC candidates have stated that they voted “NO” on the CDA Schools Maintenance and Operations Levy this year!

With three kids currently in the CDA school district, this is the most meaningful to me as I evaluate all the candidates. That $20M levy equates to almost 25% of the District’s budget and is critical to maintaining educational services that matter to this community’s kids and grandkids. A majority (over 80%) of the District’s budget is salaries and benefits, so the levy is crucial in keeping Idaho competitive enough to prevent our teachers from going to Washington, where they can earn significantly more.

Through their lack of support for public schools, these candidates have proven that they are willing to put the following items on the chopping block: retaining our teachers, extracurricular activities, sports, smaller class sizes, school safety police officers and paraprofessionals working with students of greatest need.

How can these candidates ask us to trust them for the next four years and with the future of our kids when in the last election they all voted “NO” and chose NOT to support our kids?

May, Smith and Swingrover have kids in public schools and have experience. I attended our local public schools and will advocate for my kids — they deserve the same public education experience. Your vote matters and we need it! Please vote for PUBLIC EDUCATION … Vote for May, Smith and Swingrover.



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