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GINORIO: On ‘traditional’ tirade

| October 22, 2021 1:00 AM

Two articles, side by side. One, by an esteemed group of former School Trustees, and one by a self-appointed judge of veteran Coeur d’Alene residents as being desperately in need of the influence of “outsiders.” One article praises community support for education. The other article is accusatory. It accuses “accomplished local luminaries” of having “closed minds.” It defends such activity as violent protests and threats to community leadership.

Mr. Ginorio intimates that we long-term residents are members of the “Leftist minority … engaged in a revolution from above.” He calls himself and newcomers “traditional Americans,” being forced to a civic war with the natives. He emphatically rejects school board candidates with experience and supports the radical naysayers who criticize the educational excellence they’re trying to change.

I would point out that it wasn’t the “Leftist minority” which challenged the last election with “revolution from above,” but most certainly the “Rightest minority.” I would also point out that the country with all its problems is still a Democratic Republic with traditional Americans of both political parties who do not advocate violence to effect change.

I find it very disturbing, let alone insulting, that Mr. Ginorio regularly insists that the Idaho where I live needs to be changed from a liberal blue state to one of the reddest in the nation, and that the economic success of immigrants should necessitate political change.



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