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Youth Sports Oct. 13, 2021

| October 13, 2021 1:22 AM


Two weekends ago, the Coeur d’Alene High boys varsity and junior varsity soccer teams gave back to the community by volunteering with a local foster family through Village of Hope, CDA.

The boys worked together to take down fences, rake brush into burn piles, carry barbed wire and years of other debris to clean up the property. Team manager, Erin Wyatt said they took their cue from seeing the Viking girls soccer team volunteer the previous weekend.

“It gives the boys a different perspective of everyday life when they see it through the lens of someone else,” she said. “I’ve never seen a nicer group of young men give up their own time to help someone else. They made the work fun, never stopped laughing as they used old saws they found on the property to cut down fence posts and took turns with sledgehammers to see who could knock things down the fastest. At one point, they found half of a bowling ball and it quickly turned into a scavenger hunt to find the other half. There was something very innocent and endearing in the boys as they found their youthful playfulness in the project.”

Coeur d'Alene varsity coach Braden Ridgewell got down in the dirt with the boys as well, hauling trash and readying burn piles.

“I am proud of the boys for coming out as a team to help within the community, this was a very good experience for them,” he said. He said he has a very special group, mentioning that the older boys watch out for the younger boys on and off the field.

Some of the boys' moms came out to help as well. “Even as adults, we get wrapped up in our own lives and don’t always see other people in need. It was a proud moment to work side by side with our sons and lead by example,” Wyatt said. “We have committed as a team to do various volunteer activities throughout the season, it is a tradition that will keep going for the program and will get handed down from year to year.”

Among those who helped were coach Braden Ridgwell, Isaac Fritts, Max James, Nate Simon, Keaton Gust, Maddox Le, Nathan Pulsipher, Kason Pintler, Chet Hanna, Nate Wyatt, Liam Martin, Jackson Nickel, Benjamin Crabb, Garrett Scheuermann, Nolan Ludwig, Steven Ball, Evan Lowder, Ashton Fredekind, Landon Cotant, Markus Noble, Logan Haynes and Cooper Prohaska.


Timbers North FC 2012 Boys Yellow: The Timbers defeated Spokane Sounders South Louis 9-0 on Oct. 2.


River City Lanes

Oct. 12



HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Colin Borgaro 212, Donny Shaw 211.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Donny Shaw 595, Colin Borgaro 577.


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Ellie Powell 192, 180.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Katie Dewey 520, Ellie Powell 505.



HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Christopher Smith 132, 125.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Christopher Smith 334, Kenton Still 283.


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Ella Rider 123, Rylee Kaup 115.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Deryn Allen 317, Rylee Kaup 312.



HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Cedar Johnson 85, Addison Heperly 80.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Cedar Johnson 150, Kaylianna Plowma 124.


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Coco Borgelt 65, 58.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Coco Borgelt 123, Kalista Hewitt 104.



U4 Soccer (3 & 4 yr. old Soccer)

TDS (Blue) & Rathdrum Lions Club

Maddy Davenport (3), Maysie Couper (1); Lilyanna Benson (4), Aliyah Friese (2)

Auction Depot & TDS (White)

Kolt Warren (7); Brantley Saeger (2), Thatcher Quinonez (4), Ayla Liddiard (1)

Freije Home Design & Idaho Forest Group

Maggie Nagel (1); Harland deGruy (2), Avery Lopez-Delgado (1), Gabriel Savage (6)

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Avenue West Real Estate

Sawyer Bowers (2); Tessa Davenport (1), Jadyn Flory (1)

U6 (5 & 6 yr. old Soccer)

Auction Depot & Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Wyatt Lunnen (1), Kash Martin (1)

Patriots & ExBabylon IT Solutions

Trey Hutchison (2); Skylar Hall (2)

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation and PNW Drywall

Kyland Eastin (3); Malachi Wilhelm (1)

Rathdrum Lions Club & Mihara Law

Cash Fitting (5); Parker Jenkins (1), Mackenzie Thomson (1)

Quality Maids & Edward Jones – Debbie Holmes

Blaire Warren (2), Ryker Moos (3)

U8 (7 & 8 yr. old Soccer)

Mihara Law & CW Construction

Christopher Thompson (1), Parker Singer (2)

NNAC, INC. & Rathdrum Lions Club

Collin O’Rourke (1)

The “Phil” ibusters & Ace Hardware

Kamryn Hood (1); Archer Alderson (1), Isaac White (1), Owen Hunt (1), Xavier Davis (1)

Rathdrum Parks and Recreation & Avenue West Real Estate

Patrick Luke (2)

U10 (9 & 10 yr. old Soccer)

Young Construction Group & Wildgrain Woodworking

Dallen Wilding (1); Landon Strong (1), Charlie Chadwell (3)

Lakeland Eye Clinic & Quality Maids

Carlyn Harte (2); Beau Rosscup (2), Ava Groover (1)


Flag football

At The Fields at Real Life Ministries

Oct. 7

5th/6th Grade Divsion

Game 1

Crush - 20

Spartans - 22


Touchdowns –Jax Pearson, Kellan Walther

Flag Pulls –Ryder Nicholson, Caleb Brumbach, Isaiah Lewis, Jax Pearson, Gage Tenney

Crush -

Touchdowns – Colt Quimby, Jobe Stam, Kolton Anderson

Flag Pulls –Jobe Stam, Gavin Kenner, Kai Reese, Kolton Anderson, Asher Singleton, Colt Quimby

Game 2

Predators – 8

Ice Hawks - 35

Ice Hawks

Touchdowns – Jacoby Longtain, Mason Leiser, JJ Larson, Eyan Rubert

Flag Pulls – Jacoby Longtain, Raif Goode Wyatt Rettmann, JJ Larson, Maximus McKim, Ian Tandy Eyan Rubert


Touchdowns – Cameron Barnhart, John Neff, Connor Shain, Eli Whitman

Flag Pulls – Cameron Barnhart, Luke Blasick, Caleb Finney, Alex Gouin, John Neff, Dean Perkins, Reise Reardon

Game 3

The Gators (5/6th Grade) - 14

Titans – 30

The Gators (5/6th Grade)

Touchdowns – Brenyn Mavrinac, Hudson Rasor

Flag Pulls – Zach Burkwist, Ryder Hutchins, Hudson Rasor, Luke Schuler, Andy Cox, Olivia Tuker, Carson Vang, Malachi Garcia


Touch Downs – Trey Love, Cooper Olson, James Henderson, Jacob Wilson

Flag Pulls – Cash Braverman, Trey Gosney, Porter VanValin, Cooper Olson, Jacob Wilson, Hudson Sanders, Peyton Barclift, Keaton Hurst, Dylan Vranich

3rd/4th Grade Division

Game 1

Green Hawks – 6

Dangerous Bulldogs – 31

Green Hawks

Touchdowns – Eli Cooper

Flag Pulls – Benjamin Owen, Daniel Garcia, Corban Nickolatos

Dangerous Bulldogs

Touchdowns – Luke Rassmussen, Fletcher Tandy

Flag Pulls – Mason Fantozzi, Palmer Murphy, Luke Rassmussen, Fletcher Tandy, Jacob Palmer, Xzavier Raskell, Lennon Lewis, Blake Gundry, Henry Thurston

Game 2

Idaho All Stars – 14

Bulldogs - 22

Idaho All Stars

Touchdowns – Isaac Berghorst, Levi Drake

Flag Pulls – Jax Baldwin, Isaac Berghorst, Cannon Bond, Colton Koch, Cameron Hoy, Lincoln Hoy, Camden Glindeman


Touchdowns –Will Wood

Flag Pulls – Carter Blake, Eason Molitor, Eli Love, Reed Dickson

Game 3

Snapping Turtles – 14

Ravens - 8

Snapping Turtles

Touchdowns – Dylan Baune

Flag Pulls – Phoenix Stachurski, Bricen Cornett, Cannon Braverman, Tate Torfin, Banks McArthur, Sawyer Stachurski, Bobby Hunter


Touchdowns – Sander Bundy

Flag Pulls – Micah Brumbach, Mac Roberts, Brody Pratt, Sander Bundy, Brayden DeBooy, Kellan Larson, Aiden Mojzis

Game 4

Blue Dragons – 0

Blue Hawks - 28

Blue Hawks

Touchdowns – Beck Odenthal, Emmett Longtain, Liam Rettmann

Flag Pulls – Payton Farrar, Beck Odenthal, Emmett Longtain, Jake Naff, Josiah Morsast, Liam Rettmann

Blue Dragons

Touchdowns – Jude Zender

Flag Pulls – Sawyer Smith, Gibson Quaale, Ryker Willis, Jude Zender

Oct. 9

Pre K/K - Grade Division

Game 1

Blue Lightening

The Blazers

Blue Lightening

Touchdowns – Hunter Farrar, Nicholas McLaren, Grayson Sifford, Carter McBroom, Isla Rediker

Flag Pulls – Hunter Farrar, Nicholas McLaren, Newton Cramer, Marena Siegers, River Shachurski, Grayson Sifford, Carter McBroom

The Blazers

Touchdowns – Carter Nesbitt, Rocco Domanico, Eli Dippolito, Royce Sanborn

Flag Pulls – Eli Dippolito, Samuel Archer, Royce Sanborn

Game 2


The Chiefs


Touchdowns – Brad Gustin, Everett Talbot, Daton Lewis,Hudson Kelley

Flag Pulls – Lucas Shammion Brad Gustin, Everett Talbott, Jett Preson, Owen McLeod, Hudson Kelley, Stone Veneklasen

The Chiefs

Touchdowns – Jameson Beierle, Cole Mayfield

Flag Pulls – Jameson Beierle, Brandon Bourassa

1/2nd Grade Division

Game 1

Sonics – 20

The Rattlesnakes - 30


Touchdowns –Gus Rigg, Zade Fawley, Tanner Torfin

Flag Pulls – Landry Roberg, Lanyon Marker, Zade Fawley

The Rattlesnakes

Touchdowns – Koen Lohmiller, Brayden Drapeau, Dominic Bechel

Flag Pulls – Kacen Lohmiller, Benjamin Ferguson, Fletcher Quaale, Jarrett Schillnger, Koen Lohmiller, Hudson Whiteman, Tommy Cooper, Brayden Drapeau, Ezra Kennedy

Game 2

Lightening Tigers – 22

Blue Dogs - 0

Lightening Tigers

Touchdowns –

Flag Pulls – Kase Chathams, Jaxon Waco, Kase Ralston, Julian Nelke, Jace Eachon, Cole Luzzo

Blue Dogs

Touchdowns – Max Spencer, Micah Vaillancourt

Flag Pulls – Cohen Tacheny, Winston Del, Witten Short, Scot Short, Max Spencer, Kingston McKim, Harrison Berdan

Game 3

Green Gators – 14

Grey Wolves - 38

Green Gators

Touchdowns – Bryce VanLeuven

Flag Pulls – Cameron Tosi, Bryce VanLeuven, Parker DeGraaff, Eli Marshall

Grey Wolves

Touchdowns – Josh Bevacqua, Jaxsen Ontiveros, Graham Wilson

Flag Pulls – Josh Bevacqua, Kylar Nelson, Jaxsen Ontiveros

Game 4

City of Lightening - 32

The Hawks - 6

City of Lightening

Touchdowns Jase VanValin, Nolan Moehle, Aure Brennan

Flag Pulls – Not Reported

The Hawks

Touchdowns –Jaden Hoffman

Flag Pulls – Not Reported


At The Fields at Real Life Ministries

Oct. 9

Pre K/K Grade Divsion

Game 1

Blue Sharks

Silver Surfers

Blue Sharks

Goals –Makena Malone, Madison Morrett, Ebbet Vucinich

Silver Surfers

Goals – Declan Francis

Game 2

Shark Attack



Goals –Andee Alvarado, Hudson Goddard

Shark Attack

Goals – Trinity Fisher, Asher Irvine

Game 3

Blue Chaos

White Owls

Blue Chaos

Goals – Declan Campbell, Myles Conrad, Curran Oswald

Game 4


Green Grasshoppers


Goals – Tatum Chesnut, Isidora Hughes

Green Grasshoppers

Goals – Adelyn Garber, Matt Shandy, Lukas Munhall

Game 5

Red Dragons

Kicking Spiders

Kicking Spiders

Goals – George Duke

Red Dragons

Goals – Jameson Beierle, Beckett Murphy, Madison Forkner

1/2nd Grade Division

Game 1

The Gators - 5

ThunderBolts - 1

Thunderbolts –

Goals - Clayton Durfey

The Gators

Goals – Helena Hughes, Eli Love

Game 2

Sparks 2

Polar Bears - 3

Polar Bears

Goals – Not Reported


Goals – Not Reported

Game 3

Red Lobsters – 6

Ragin Rhinos - 2

Red Lobsters

Goals – Fox Harty, Grayson Fowler, Aven Oseguera, Maverick

Raging Rhinos

Goals – Rylee Anderson, Jackson

Game 4

Hawks – 6

Strikers - 0


Goals – Garrett Hill, Smith Daines, Joel Hampsch, Caide Nyquest

3/4th Grade Division

Game 1

Land Sharks – 1

Manchester United - 8


Goals – Caiden Nagrone

Manchester United

Goals – Aure Brennan, Hawkin Linderman, Sawyer Smith, Calvin Gant

Game 2

Warriors – 2

Green Machine – 0


Goals – Sol Scott, Abigail Clark

Game 3

Tigers - 12

Purple Bullets - 3

Tigers – Preston Bright, Zeke Andrews, Jude Anderson, Jack Scalph

Purple Bullets – Isaac Steele, Ethan Dorr

5th to 8th Grade Division

Game 1

Jaguars - 0

Bayern Munich - 5

Bayern Munich

Goals – Parker Bright, Micah Krauss, Elaina Botai, Lily Hampsch

Game 2

Fireballs – 2

The Hurricanes - 5


Goals – Weston Goodner

The Hurricanes –

Goals – Owen Sheppard, Ryker Stevens

Game 3

Purple Panthers – 5

Lightening - 1


Goals – Zion Cornelius

Purple Panthers

Goals – Luke Berghorst, Lailah Bonner, Andy Cox, Brody Stroud, Ryder Pimentel


At The Courts at Real Life Ministries

Oct. 9

3rd/4th Grade Division

Match 1

Girl Power – 2 Sets

Blue Birds – 1 Set

Girl Power– Aces – Raya Batchelder, Hannah Batchelder, Lilly Chase, Amelia Lewis, Lila Preston, Paisley Roberts, Addison Salas, Elle Steel

Blue Birds – Aces – Paisley Bardwell, Julia Bassols, Emery Gilbert, Piper Gorham, Grace Kacalek, Jayde Nelke, Ella Rude, Avery Wilson

Match 2

Purple Dragons – 2 Sets

The Cuties – 1 Set

Purple Dragons – Aces – Abigail Clark, Hailey Dunn, Ava Duran, Molly Garber, Lina Lynn, Teagan Phenicie, Lucy Vranich

The Cuties – Stella Cleave, McKenna Goodner, Julianna Hoffman, Sophia Missler, Amelia Preiss, Angeley Shields

Match 3

Lochness Monsters – 1 Set

Fireworks – 2 Sets

Lochness Monsters – Avery Jo Hicks, Rylyn Lohmiller, Penny Mueller, Whitney Schofield, Swayzie Thompson, Fiona White

Fireworks – Aces – Katja Conrad, Lyla Denton, Andee Hawken, Dakota Hyslop, Kirsten Hyslop, Peyton Molinari, Elle Sears

5th/6th Grade Division

Match 1

Sunset Spikers – 0 Sets

Blue Dynamite – 3 Sets

Sunset Spikers – Aces – Esther Bell, Samara Melton Laetyn Parker

Blue Dynamite – Aces – Peyton Butler, Paisely Keller, Mackenzie Moceri, Abby Moreland, Ryelle Wanaka

Match 2

Bobcats – 0 Sets

Sassy Spikers – 0 Sets

Bobcats – Aces - Rebekah Gies, Jayden Johnson

Sassy Spikers – Aces – Kinsey Alverson, Ada Lynch, Grace Palmer, Hazel Zender

Match 3

Fiesty Fireballs – 3 Sets

Tropical Queens – 0 Sets

Fiesty Fireball – Aces – Trinity DiFatta, Harli Folda, Jaeli Hoffman, Avy Murphy, Story Norman, Roxie Regan, Lucy Swanstrom, Mackenzie Thurston

Tropical Queens – Aces – Summer Kenyon, Sierra Molinari, Kennedy Short


Flag football

Oct. 9

1st & 2nd Grade Division

Bobby Combs RV Centers: Hunter Cook 2 rush attempts, 3 deflags; Carson Hornberger 2 rush attempts, 1 deflag; Easton McComas 1 touchdown, 3 rush attempts, 2 deflags; Sutton McComas 2 rush attempts, 2 deflags; Everly Reed 1 touchdown, 1 rush attempt, 5 deflags; Keller Reed 4 rush attempts, 4 deflags; Lucas West 1 rush attempt, 1 deflag; James Whitney 1 touchdown, 2 rush attempts, 5 deflags

H&R Block: Lincoln Baier 1 touchdown; 4 rush attempts, 1 deflag; Oliver Douglas 2 rush attempts; Bray Madison 2 rush attempts, 3 deflags; Jace Moser 1 touchdown, 1 two-point conversion, 5 rush attempts, 4 deflags, 1 sack; Ryker Skull 1 deflag

7Day Dental Smiles: Cameron Carver 2 touchdowns, 4 rush attempts, 1 interception, 3 deflags; Jace Carver 2 rush attempts, 2 deflags; Maxwell Julius 2 rush attempts, Aidan Miracle 2 rush attempts, 1 deflag; Jackson Ownbey 3 rush attempts; Jackson Peterson 1 rush attempt; Colton Sigmund 1 rush attempt; Brayden Swearingen 4 rush attempts, 1 deflag; Beau Zinn 5 rush attempts, 4 deflags

Cannon Hill Industries, Inc.: Dakota Birsette 1 deflag; Preston Brunell 1 deflag; Mason Denison 2 sacks; Hudson Gibbs 4 deflags; Parker Nelson 1 deflag; Rowdy Ramsey 1 touchdown, 1 two-point conversion, 1 deflag

3rd & 4th Grade Division

Stateline Speedway: Zane Allen 1 reception; Brayden Hixson 1 touchdown, 2 receptions, 4 deflags, 1 sack; Colton Hornberger 1 touchdown, 1 rush attempt; Roman Murrill 1 touchdown, Scout Peterson 2 receptions, 1 interception, 4 deflags; Malikai Pluff 1 touchdown, 1 interception; Logan Strasser 1 rush attempt, 2 deflags

Mainstream Electric: Kaven Conner 1 reception, 4 rush attempts, 1 deflag; Torin Conner 2 receptions, 1 rush attempt, 2 deflags; Jayce Pearson 1 rush attempt, 1 deflag; Jullian Pearson 1 reception, 1 rush attempt; Taylor Spencer 2 rush attempts, 2 deflags; Emmett Swearingen 1 reception, 2 deflags; Tony Thiel 1 rush attempt, 1 deflag

5th & 6th Grade Division

Lakeview Financial: Griffin Carpenter 1 two-point conversion, 2 receptions, 2 deflags; Daven Cross 1 touchdown, 3 receptions, 1 interception; Joey Hixson 2 touchdowns, 1 two-point conversion, 1 reception, 3 interceptions, 2 deflags; Grayson Morales 1 rush attempt, 1 deflag; Beckett Noland 1 touchdown, 1 two-point conversion, 2 receptions, 1 deflags; Blake Stokes 1 touchdown, 1 rush attempt; Gavin Van Heel 1 two-point conversion, 3 receptions, 2 rush attempts, 1 deflag

Seright’s Ace Hardware: Aaron Aparicio 2 rush attempts, 1 deflag; Kasey Chase 1 rush attempt; Jackson Holley 1 touchdown; Elijah Van Reenen 1 touchdown, 2 receptions, 1 rush attempt; Brayden Williams 1 touchdown, 1 reception, 4 deflags; Nate Williams 1 touchdown, 1 reception, 2 rush attempts, 2 deflags


Week 5

Oct. 9

Micro 5s

4 The Love Factor, Inc. – Goals: Luna Ekstedt 1, Kallum Strawn 3

5 7 Day Dental Smiles - Goals: Ethan Freeman 3, Cash Moore 2

2 Post Falls Auto Auction - Goals: Cian Andrus 2

2 Silver Ridge Construction – Goals: Cameron Howard 2

5 Stateline Speedway – Goals: Landyn Alexander 3, Reed Marine 2

0 Ruen Yeagar – Goals:

3 Paul Bunyan – Goals: Joshua De Los Santos 2, Peyton Schock 1

0 Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry – Goals:

Mini 6s

3 Paul Bunyan – Goals: Claire Hobart 1, Finnegan Taylor 2

1 Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry – Goals: Colton Miller 1

4 Stateline Speedway – Goals: Nautica Kjar 1, Jayce Rowan 2, Logan Sullivan 1

7 7 Day Dental Smiles – Goals: Julian Connery 3, Jaxtyn Springs 4


1 The Love Factor, Inc – Goals: Tenley Glassmoyer 1

4 Truck Insurance Office Inc. – Goals: Kingston Forrest 1, Max Ethan Glinksi 2, Nixon Keyes 1

1 Brumbach Dentistry – Goals: Emmit Wilkerson 1

3 Patriot Home Inspections – Goals: Ryan Clever 2, Anders Misner 1

2 VCA Kootenai Animal Hospital – Goals: Addison Denke 2

1 Hagadobne Directories – Goals: Asher Taylor 1

5 Peach Orthodontics – Goals: Lola Montour 2, Jathaniel Whitmire 3

0 Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics - Goals: Asher Grant 1, Hattie Ortiz 1


6 Northwest Specialty Hospital - Goals: Zachary Detwiler 1, Lincoln Holding 3, Scott Kodak 2

1 Silver Ridge Construction – Goals: Jonah Taylor 1

0 Specialty Forest Products – Goals:

1 Stateline Speedway – Goals: Erik Branon 1

3 Fox Trailers – Goals: Maya Anson 1, Damian Geer 2

7 ML Architect – Goals: Landon Harbour 2, Jace Lange 1, Abram Morgan 2, Kassie Voss 2

4 Truck Insurance Office Inc. – Mason Leiser 4

8 Random Acts of Sweetness – Goals: Lucas Grealy-Larose 1, Henry Thurston 6, Mackenzie Thurston 1


1 H & R Block – Goals: Josiah Lange 1

3 Weitzel H&I Woodcraft – Goals Andrew Bentz 3, Noah Weitzel 1

Erickson Mountain America Credit Union – Goals: Jude Counts 3, Cian Hagan 1, Marcus Kuplack 2, Callan Pyle 2

Pelton Blue Dog RV – Goals:




McDonalds – Jasmine Ball 2 goals.


Idaho Forest Group – Shaylee Osler and Zoey Johnson 3 goals each, Alex Keating 1 goal.

Reliable Towing – Brynlee Johnston 4 goals.

Intechtel – Hailey Gittel 2 goals

Fishhead Performance – Raegan Fish 1 goal.

Idaho Forest Group – Bethany Hawkins 1 goal.

Intechtel – Charlotte Hober 2 goals.

Reliable Towing – Brynlee Johnston 4 goals.


RMM Consulting – Noah Miller 2 goals and Carter McCotter and Ryker Mulligan 1 goal each.

Idaho Forest Group – Andrew Baker 1 goal.

Intechtel – Parker Wright and EJ VonBehren 1 goal each.

Blacks Inc – Ben Clubb 2 goals and Luca Pierantoni 1 goal.

RMM Consulting – Carter McCotter 1 goal.


Carpet Warehouse – Sawyer Deck 4 goals.

1st Choice Insurance – Jacob Gonzales 2 goals and Nolan Goetz 1 goal.

ACI – Asher Barajas and Hunter Schwieters 1 goal each.

Hagadone Directories – Lillee Ward 2 goals and Bradley Leggett, Michael Steffani and Parson Buttars 1 goal each.

JTO Electric – Mason Moore 1 goal.


Alert Automotive – Wyatt Knott 2 goals, Kenna Karlinsey and Beckham Hayes 1 goal each.

Papa Murphys – Caleb Vlad 5 goals and Rebecca Russu 1 goal.

Dorian Photography – Wyatt Hill and Isaac Loewe 1 goal each.


Cd’A Press – Sophia Peppin, Alyx Matthews and Reese Crandall 1 goal each.

Dorian Photography – Wade Peterson 1 goal.

Cd’A Foot & Ankle Clinic – Gavin Karlinsey, Chloe Crowley, and Aislin Zasadny 1 goal each.

Ironman Foundation – Jonathan Kitsak 3 goals and Jonathan Robu 1 goal.

Flag football

Oct. 6

Flag Football: 5:30

Lifestyle Physical Therapy: 24

Gunnar Noble – Rush TD

Ryker White – Rush TD

McCoy Jolley – Rush TD

2 2pt extra points


Yochum Landscaping: 0

Flag Football: 6:30pm

Dreschel Brothers: 2


Wild West Log Furniture: 0

Oct. 11

Flag Football 5:30pm

Yochum’s Landscaping: 12

Nathious Moffitt – Interception Return TD

Beck Engebretsen – Rush TD

Ironman Safe Co: 12

Easton Moore – 2 Rush TD

Flag Football 6:30

Lifestyle Physical Therapy: 24

Ryker White – 2 Rushing TD

Henry McKinley – Rush TD

Deegan Andras – Rush TD

Wild West Log Furniture: 12

EJ VonBehren – Rush TD

Michael Black – Rush TD


Flag football

Oct. 9


Armstrong Insurance: No stats available

Bailey Media: Isaiah Luster- touchdown

Dickinson Insurance: Jackson Graisy- tackle; Corbin Kuehu- 2 tackles; Griffin Moore- 3 tackles; Cooper Stotz- touchdown, 3 tackles; Archer Underdahl- 2 tackles


DEI Inc: Bronson Bligh- 2 tackles; Henry Fazio- tackle; Kamden Korthals- reception, 2 tackles; Danny Mokena- sack; Bodee Olmsted- 2 tackles

Dickinson Insurance: Fenix Field- 2 touchdowns, tackle, 2 long runs; Hayden Graisy- reception, interception, 2 tackles; Wyatt James- 2 tackles, sack; Kade Robbins- 3 tackles; Levi Tebbe- 5 tackles, 4 sacks; Brandon Williiams- 2 tackles, sack

Elite Physical Therapy: Grant Aldrich-tackle, 2 sacks; Easton Bateman- touchdown, 2 tackles, long run; Cason Bishop- touchdown, 2 receptions; Gavin Johnson- 2 sacks; Emmett Starkey- reception, interception, sacl; Ryder Washburn- 3 tackles, sack, long run

Kootenai Law Group: Cody Burrill- 5 tackles; Sam Green- touchdown, 4 tackles; Kashton Pintler- 4 tackles; Daxton Waugh- tackle, 2 sacks; Brooks Wearne- 2 tackles, sack; Brock Caufield- tackle


Week 5

Mini-Kickers (3-4 year-olds)

Back 40 Real Estate: Maddox Wolfinger- 1 goal

Designer Homes: Carson Corday- 1 goal; Madelynn Dowiak- 1 goal; Krew Seenstra- 2 goals

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: Kaydin Camarata- 1 goal; Charlie Cope- 1 goal

Eye Guys Optical: Cannon Johnson- 1 goal

Fred's Plumbing: Mason Anderson-6 goals

Hayden Vision Source: Ryker Bertek- 5 goals; Bowen Flamm- 2 goals; Eleanor Moore- 2 goals

Inline Tax: Peyton Adams-1 goal; Carter Botenhagen- 4 goals; Arcturus Byrum- 1 goal; Stella Ponczoch- 1 goal

Jan Jesberger Insurance: Lock Harness- 3 goals; Ryatt Maestas- 2 goals; Cameron Nelson- 2 goals

Lakeside Pediatrics: Eli Irwin- 1 goal

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Joseph Wirick- 3 goals

McDonald's: Adalie Kaestner- 4 goals

RMM Consulting: Isaiah Vatterrodt- 3 goals

Super 1 Foods: Nora Burt- 1 goal; Theo Galvin- 5 goals; William Higgins- 2 goals; Elsoe McPhilomy- 1 goal

Tactical Detail: Penny Bunstine- 1 goal; Emma Kjos- 1 goals; Lennox Van Hill- 1 goal

Viking Construction: Charlotte Agostinelli- 1 goal; Ryder Stringham- 1 goal; Axel Zbinden- 3 goals

Wake Media: Zoey Baxter- 1 goal; Griff Georgius- 1 goal; Beau Hansen- 1 goal

Micro-Kickers (5-6 year-olds)

Coeur d'Alene Painting Group: Winston Bell- 2 goals; Hayden Bemis- 7 goals; Boss Gustafson- 8 goals; Mathias Vogel- 2 goals

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: Allora Cooper- 1 goal; Isaak Sterling- 1 goal

Eye Guys Optical: No stats available

Fred's Plumbing: Abby Currie- 2 goals; Maddox Hoy- 1 goal; Hudson Weaver- 4 goals; Kinlee Wilson- 2 goals

Hayden Cars: Addison Conley- 4 goals; Jett Jameson- 2 goals

Hayden Vision Source: Jami Bott- 2 goals; Jeremy Bott- 4 goals; Wyatt Heaney- 1 goal; Eric Newell- 1 goal

Idaho Forest Group: Luke Johnson- 1 goal

Lakeside Oral Surgery: Harvey Granier- 2 goals; Kaden Sneck- 2 goals

Lakeside Pediatrics: Niko Clark- 2 goals

Laserbugs: No stats available

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Liam Green- 1 goal; Brystol Hayes- 1 goal; Kyan Pintler- 1 goal

Master's Fence Company & Custom Iron Works: Jayce Beck- 2 goals; Kyla Camarata- 1 goal; Cooper Corbeil- 5 goals; Luke Hlebichuk- 1 goal

RMM Consulting: Nolan Busch- 1 goal

Selkirk Construction: Carter Glindeman- 2 goals; Allison Legg- 5 goals

Super 1 Foods: Easton Karlgaard- 2 goals

Viking Construction: Sydney Dunlap- 1 goal; Audrey Kilcup- 2 goals; Everett Talbot- 1 goal

U8 Coed

Belle's Brunch House: No stats available

Chomper Cafe: Crew Cope- 1 goal; Emery McKee- 4 goals; Felicity Miller- 1 goal

Fred's Plumbing: Josh Kline- 1 goal

Hawkeyes: No stats available

Hayden Vision Source: Oliver Clark- 1 goal

Lancaster Market: Carson Busch- 2 goals; Emery Talbot- 4 goals

Saturday Night Inc: Austin Cooper- 1 goal; Caleb McFadden- 1 goal

Squeaky's Car Wash: No stats available

U10 Coed

Lakeside Oral Surgery: Angelina Adams- 2 goals; Owen Harrison- 2 goals; Dilllon Matheson- 1 goal; Josiah Potter- 2 goals; Teagan VonLind- 1 goal

Lakeside Pediatrics: Annie Grant- 2 goals; Blake Karlgaard- 2 goals; Benjamin Magoffin- 1 goal

McDonald's: Liam Micke- 3 goals; Oliver Salie- 2 goals

Meine Insurance: No stats available

Miller Metge Design Group: Ethan MacPherson- 8 goals; Rusty Moorman- 1 goal

Squeaky's Car Wash: Sorel Vedel- 2 goals

Super 1 Foods: Kashton Pintler- 2 goals; Beckham Wise- 1 goal

U12 Coed

Andy's Heating & Cooling: Luke Edgehouse- 1 goal; Sebastian Guitron- 2 goals; Danika Thompson- 1 goal

Call Before you Dig-811: No stats available

Stage 1776: Justin Busby- 1 goal; Charley Charlebois- 1 goal; Justus Hollister- 1 goal; Jack Peterson- 2 goals

Zip's Drive-In: Irelyn Larocco- 1 goal



Mini 5&6s

Cup of Grace v Adventure Academy 2-0; scoring for Cup of Grace were Bradyn Brandt (1) and Beau Bradshaw(1)

John Brown Transport v Adventure Academy 1-0; scoring for JBT was Lily Savage (1)

Cup of Grace v Adventure Academy 2-1; scoring for Adventure Academy were Bradyn Brandt, and Kamryn Young (1). Scoring for Adventure Academy was Malachi Andrews (1).


Kootenai Utilities v. Brickle Creek Coffee 4-0; scoring for Kootenai Utilities was Becket Baker (4)

Retrofit Athletics v. N. Id. State Fair 1-0; scoring for Retrofit Athletics was Gwen Fritz (1).


Ram Products v Mihara Law 5-0; Scoring for Ram Products were Shankar Contreras (3), Levi Heyden (1) and Micah Miller (1).


KC Utility Council v. Gregory Construction 2-2; scoring for KCUC was Addison Karoblis (2) and for Gregory Construction was Naomi Beuving (2)

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Courtesy photo The Coeur d'Alene High cross country team participated in Nike’s Hole in the Wall Invitational Saturday in Arlington, Wash. Over 100 middle and high school teams attended this race, held annually since 1983, with schools attending from Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, California and Canada. The Viking boys varsity placed 16th in the Elite Division, the girls varsity placed sixth in the Gold Division, the boys JV was sixth in the Silver Division, and the girls JV ran in the Gold Division but didn't have enough runners for a team score. Viking boys leaders were Max Cervi-Skinner (16:08), Jacob King (16:12) and Zack Cervi-Skinner (16:28). Leading Viking girls were Elliana Rietze (19:32), Anne Marie Dance (19:35) and Zara Munyer (19:48). Kneeling from left are Kim Priebe, Gracie Averill, Canyon Spencer, Ezias Newell, Josh Averett, Cameron Hildreth, Alex Studebaker, volunteer coach Alex Walde and assistant coach Justin Taylor; second row from left, coach Cathy Compton, Rebecca Thompson, Brooklyn Brunn, Chloe Frank, Sara, Siegler, (on other side of podium) Cooper Mack, Jonny Perkins, Levi Bird and Cole Harrison; third row from left, Kira Wood, Riley Yake, Zara Munyer, Jacob King, Max Cervi-Skinner, Kyle Rohlinger and Will Callahan; and top from left, Ethan Hickok, Zack Cervi-Skinner and Lachlan May. Not pictured are Elliana Rietze and Anne Marie Dance.


Photo by SUZY ENTZI The Thorns North FC 08 Girls Red soccer team fell to EW Surf SC Columbia Basin G08 5-1 on Sunday. Alli Carrico had the assist for Avery Lathen's goal. Adysen Robinson (pictured in yellow) and Macy Walters defended the goal for the Thorns.

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