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Former state rep sentencing June 22

Staff Writer | May 29, 2021 1:00 AM

Former Rep. John Green is scheduled for sentencing next month in a federal court in Texas for conspiring to defraud the United States government.

Green, an attorney in Rathdrum who also held license to practice in Texas, was convicted on Jan. 15, 2020, for his role in helping a client, Thomas Selgas, hide funds to avoid paying more than $1 million in outstanding taxes.

Selgas, who was convicted on conspiracy and tax evasion charges, deposited funds — primarily from the sale of gold coins — over the course of 10 years into a legal trust account Green managed. Green then paid Selgas’ personal expenses with that trust.

Prosecutors argued Green also filed a false tax return on behalf of one of Selgas’ companies.

Selgas’ wife, Michelle, was also charged with conspiracy and tax evasion but was acquitted.

The verdict prompted the Idaho House to acknowledge their colleague’s conviction and statutory inability to fulfill his duties — essentially expelling him from office — as Article VI, Section 3 of the state constitution prohibits a convicted felon from qualifying for public office until their rights have been restored.

Pastor Tim Remington of the Altar Church was appointed by Gov. Brad Little to finish Green’s term.

Despite his conviction, Green then attempted unsuccessfully to run for Kootenai County sheriff. His filing was received but not accepted by the Kootenai County Clerk’s Office.

Green’s sentencing was originally set for April 17, 2020, but that hearing was delayed by judges and lawyers to May 22, 2020, then to Oct. 2, 2020, then to Feb. 2, then to April 14, and now to June 22.

According to Erin Dooley, public affairs officer for the Department of Justice, the reasons for the repeated continuances range from scheduling conflicts by attorneys on both sides of the case to concerns over COVID-19.

Green did not respond to requests for comment for this story. He faces up to five years in prison.

Barring another delay, Green will face sentencing June 22 at the federal courthouse in Dallas.