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McGeachin announces governor run

Staff Writer | May 20, 2021 1:09 AM

COEUR d’ALENE — With an American flag and two crosses in the background at Candlelight Christian Fellowship, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin said Wednesday she was running for governor of Idaho.

“I am running for governor to restore the principle that has made Idaho great, our individual liberties, our state sovereignty, and traditional conservative values,” she said to a crowd of about 650. “My proven experience shows that I will always defend these principles, and I believe that you are here today because you choose to defend them, as well.”

Her 30-minute speech was marked by several standing ovations. Many waved small flags, clapped and cheered throughout the evening.

McGeachin described herself as a devout Christian, a devoted wife and mother, a proven and committed conservative, and “a strong woman of action.” She said she had a vision “for a better, more prosperous Idaho.”

“It starts with getting our financial house in order,” she said.

McGeachin is the first female lieutenant governor to serve Idaho. She will be seeking the nomination for Idaho governor in the Republican primary in 2022.

She said Idahoans witnessed “serious, egregious actions” over this past year as the state responded to the coronavirus.

“Idahoans are tired of being ignored, shut out of the process, declared nonessential and discriminated against by the state. Lobbying groups and special interests exercise too much power and influence in Boise and that needs to go,” she said.

“Cronyism will have no place in a McGeachin administration,” she added.

Kootenai County Sheriff Bob Norris and Kootenai County Commissioner Leslie Duncan both spoke in support of McGeachin.

Norris said McGeachin supports law enforcement.

“We need governors, lieutenant governors, commissioners, just like you,” he said.

Duncan said McGeachin believes in the proper role of government.

“It’s not to manage our lives, it’s to protect our freedoms,” she said.

“Janice believes in standing in the gap for our citizens, protecting their liberties and being a sovereign state, so I believe in Janice,” Duncan said. “That’s the kind of leader I want, that’s the kind of elected official I want to serve.”

Layne McInelly, president of the Idaho Education Association, stated the organization’s opposition to McGeachin in a press release Wednesday.

“Public education is the pathway to success and opportunity for children across our great state. McGeachin as governor would represent a huge step backward for Idaho students and public schools,” the statement read.

McGeachin vowed to have an open and transparent government.

“My door will remain unlocked and open to the public. And you certainly will not be required to wear masks,” she said, as the crowd laughed and applauded.

McGeachin closed by saying that “Together, we will reestablish the foundational values that make Idaho great.”

“May God bless America, and may God continue to bless the people of the great state of Idaho,” as the crowd cheered loudly.

Candlelight Pastor Paul Van Noy prayed on stage for Janice McGeachin and her husband, Jim, then said, “I want to be the first guy to say, I’m endorsing you for governor.”

He later said he was endorsing her as an individual, not as a pastor of the church.

Jann Higdem of Pinehurst attended the rally and said she likes McGeachin because she stands for constitutional rights and state sovereignty.

“She doesn’t stand for the Supremacy Clause (which prohibits states from interfering with the federal government's exercise of its constitutional powers) and she’s going to bring us back to normalcy,” Higdem said.

Darlene and Lee Sawyer of Coeur d’Alene were there, too.

“We believe that this country has gotten off track,” Darlene Sawyer said. “It's lost its way to the Constitution and we need to find our way back, we need to find our conservative values. We need to have this country run as a republic and we need to find our sovereign state status again and we believe that Janice is going to help us get there.”



Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin speaks at Candlelight Christian Fellowship on Wednesday, when she announced she was running for governor of Idaho.