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Humphreys announces governor run

| May 19, 2021 1:00 AM

EAGLE — Ed Humphreys of Eagle recently announced he is running for governor.

“People are flocking to Idaho in search of an idea. They’re searching for the last safe place for the American dream,” Humphreys said when he officially announced his Republican candidacy at a kick-off event held over the weekend at the Honalee Farm Event Center in front of nearly 600 people.

Humphreys is a financial advisor. He was selected as a Delegate for Donald J. Trump at the Republican National Convention, became the volunteer Idaho State Director for U.S. Term Limits, and served as both a precinct committeeman and Region IV chairman for the Idaho Republican Party.

His platform features elimination of state income tax to include a taxpayer bill of rights, cutting the pork out of state government, prohibition on state agencies hiring lobbyists, fighting federal overreach, and allowing school choice for parents.

He said Idaho deserves leadership that bases decisions on the founding principles set forth in the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions.

Humphreys highlighted his family's flight from communism and Marxism to come to this country where they shared stories of the horrors brought about by totalitarian regimes.

“We are seeing far too much socialism and Marxism in American politics today and some of it is finding its way into Idaho leadership. I cannot stand idly by while establishment leaders steeped in generational political families slowly pick apart our freedoms,” Humphreys said.