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ELECTION: Deny the dividers

| May 14, 2021 1:00 AM

What’s the best way to motivate people to vote? Grab their emotions; rile them up!

A recent attention-grabbing article: A candidate decries (his) political party’s tactics. Aha! Exactly what’s needed, to get an angry outburst! How offensive, how terrible that our freedom of access to certain books (unnamed) might be curtailed if we should vote for “certain people” supported by “that group!”

The result? Increased interest and participation; letters — mostly opposing such atrocities — pour in, responding to that one word — censorship! Now, that’s power! Power to portray local people’s efforts to retain the wholesome, moral atmosphere that North Idaho has been known for — as repugnant, and hateful. Power to lay another brick in the wall — ever so subtly — in a concerted effort to divide us.

Our libraries are important. Those who work to maintain this rich source of learning and enjoyment are often taken for granted; we assume they have the same goals for our community as ourselves.

Every year, worn/defaced/lost books are removed from library stock and replaced. Rather than “What books might you remove/‘censor?,’” I would ask “Which books, out of thousands of excellent choices, might you spend my tax money on, to replace them?” and “Which books will be displayed to attract readers’ attention?” Those choices made, each year, and affect the life and well-being of our communities in powerful ways.

Voters, be careful! Choose who you will vote for, for good reasons, rather than falling for the obvious attempts to fuel division among our community.


Post Falls