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JOHNSON: Wise choice for trustee

| May 13, 2021 1:00 AM

Our votes reflect our collective wisdom for the benefit of all. This is why I am voting for Dr. Duke Johnson for Kootenai Health Board of Trustees.

We need “new blood” on the Board of Kootenai Health and Dr, Johnson has unparalleled expertise in both scope and scale for this position. I believe Dr. Johnson will identify and remedy policy and communication issues affecting public confidence by drawing from his highly commendable leadership as Medical Director of a multinational health resource corporation.

Dr. Johnson’s expertise in providing institutions and stakeholders access to health data management and “best practices” will significantly advance the quality of medical services and Standard of Care within our local area.

Sometimes we get lucky and the very best qualified citizens step up to serve their communities and run for elected office. Dr. Duke Johnson is that man and Kootenai County is blessed to have him running for Kootenai Health Trustee.


Post Falls