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CENSORSHIP: Be wary, voters

| May 12, 2021 1:00 AM

I have been mulling over this letter for a few weeks. First, I was a Trustee of the Post Falls library for seven years and have an understanding of how the library works. During my tenure, we handled two instances of folks wanting censorship. One was a book and the other was about anything this man considered unchristian. He also expected the library to censor all that children read and watch every child using the computer.

My response to both was that the library was the keeper of ideas and that the freedom to read and expand your mind in what you wanted to read was my right to a free press. To the father I responded that if he was so concerned about what his children were reading and seeing on a computer, he should go to the library with his children and guide them in what he deemed appropriate for them to read. It is called parenting.

I am deeply concerned that an unelected person is trying to get elected trustees to censor reading material at the library. The library does not have the money to spend on porn, as someone suggested. Libraries buy books that the majority of readers want to read.

The library has a budget for books and does not waste their money. I have been a reader all my life and I have read many of the books that some have wanted to ban. I am a moral woman and ideas that I was for or against have not led me down the road to ruin.

So do not give in to those who would deny me my rights to expand my horizons.


Post Falls