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HISTORY: A progressive rewrite

| May 9, 2021 1:00 AM

“Progressives” want to teach that American history started in 1619 and was built by slavery. This is a failure at critical thinking.

In 1603, King James VI of Scotland proclaimed himself King of Great Britain. In 1763, Great Britain won the Seven Years’ War and became the British Empire, history’s largest global power for a century.

Slave trading was in Britain’s control until defeat in America’s Independence War.

The 13 original states’ Articles of Confederation was law until 1788 when the Constitution was ratified.

Sadly, slavery continued until it ended in the United States after the Civil War, the deaths of 600,000 (mostly white) Americans, and Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Now Joe Biden’s first presidential orders reversed Trump’s border policies.

A direct result is promotion of the worst kind of slavery. Many children-to-teenagers and women are forced into sexual slavery.

If “Progressives” apply critical thinking to what they promote and support, the truth they will learn is that they want to teach “history” that is lies.

Our children deserve to learn the truth of American history. Our true, balanced history of the flaws and fixes are what made this the best nation in world history.


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