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Sheriff's blotter

| May 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to a possible suicide threat. An R/P called into KBH and stated she was going to "Kill herself." KBH relayed the information and Deputies responded to the residence to speak with her directly. While on scene the female continued to make statements about "not wanting to be here anymore" and threating to harm her ex-husband and his entire family. Deputies transported female to KBH where she was put on an involuntary mental hold.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A SIU Detective observed a vehicle display suspicious behavior at the sight of a marked patrol unit. He followed the vehicle and observed various traffic violations. When the traffic stop was attempted the driver failed to pull over immediately and made several furtive movements. After the driver exited the vehicle the driver was aggressively clenching his buttocks together. When told to take a step, a methamphetamine pipe fell to the roadway. He was detained and methamphetamine also fell to the roadway. The driver was arrested for possession of controlled substance. 21-18048.

• Deputies stopped a vehicle at Roberts Road x Highway 54 and the passenger, who was not wearing his seatbelt and was pretending to be asleep, was identified as a wanted person after initially lying about his identity. He was arrested for False ID and his felony warrants. 21-18084

• The shift participated in the K27 Memorial Run and observed a moment of silence for Sgt. Greg Moore. He may be gone but he is not forgotten.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy observed a vehicle speeding near the intersection of North Hauser Lake Road and West Spuler Road. The Deputy learned the driver had several open suspensions (one until the year 2117) in Washington. The driver was issued a citation for driving while suspended and speeding.

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle near the intersection of North Ramsey Road and West Kathleen Avenue for only having one functioning headlamp. While contacting the driver, the Deputy observed what he believed to be drug paraphernalia. The Deputy had the driver and passenger exit the vehicle and conducted a search based on the presence of drugs. The Deputy located drug paraphernalia, an unopened bottle of alcohol and loaded 9mm handgun under the driver's seat. He also learned the driver was suspended trough Washington. The driver was arrested for possession of paraphernalia and issued a citation for driving while suspended, minor in possession of alcohol and a headlamp violation.

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• An R/P called in a report of drug use from a construction site near his residence. He stated construction workers were smoking marijuana before work the last few days. The R/P did not want contact, but called back soon after stating that the construction guys were challenge him to a fight. It was determined that the R/P was upset due to the fact that the land was being developed. No crimes were committed.

• Deputies responded to a report of a physical family disturbance. An R/P reported getting beat up by his 41YO son. After responding, it was determined the son was suffering from some mental issues but did not meet the criteria to be taken on an involuntary mental hold. At his request, he was transported to the Crisis Center.

• Deputies responded to the RiteAid in Hayden for a theft of services. A cab driver picked up a client in Seattle, WA for a ride to ID. The customer provided the driver $150 to start the ride. Upon arrival in Hayden, the driver advised her bill was $600. The passenger did not have rest of the money. During the argument that ensued after waiting for LE to respond, citizens attempted to pay for the cab ride but the driver would not accept it because it was not from the customer. He was advised no crime was committed due to not accepting payment from the on lookers.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Several units responded to the area of Meyer Rd. X Emmanuel for a reported Head-On Injury Crash. On scene units determined a female driver was intoxicated, crossed over the center line struck the other vehicle head on. The female driver was arrested for Aggravated DUI. She provided a breath sample of .173 and blood is pending.

• SIU Detective stopped a vehicle near the intersection of Seltice X Idahline in reference to a prior drug case and the driver had an Agent's Warrant for which he was arrested. 21-18255

• Deputies responded to Canyon Rd., the "Antique Store" in Cataldo. A RP advised the front door was wide open. On scene units found the building secure. 21-18296

• While handling the above call, Deputies were flagged down by Shoshone County Deputies who advised they were searching for a runaway/missing juvenile from their jurisdiction. They advised the subject may have headed down Latour Crk. Rd. or possibly on the bike path headed to Plummer. Deputies assisted Shoshone County and located the juvenile approximately an hour and a half later. 21-18301

• A Deputy responded to a reported Suspicious Vehicle in the area of S. Greensferry Rd. On scene he located a female inside a vehicle who appeared unconscious. The Deputy was able to rouse the female and also learned she had an outstanding warrant. The female was placed in custody for her warrant. 21-18303

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Nothing notable to report.

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