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PREP TRACK AND FIELD: A friendly day in the throws, on the track

| May 7, 2021 1:30 AM


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POST FALLS — The Ironwood Throws Center in Rathdrum has seen its fair share of national records in recent years.

Now, if it can happen at the high school level in a few weeks, we’ll have to wait and see.

Two participants in the Ironwood program — Timberlake senior Blayre Jeffs and Coeur d’Alene junior Lily Phenicie — have battled back and forth in some of the bigger meets in the area this spring.

Thursday’s District 1 All-Star Meet at Post Falls High was no different, with Jeffs winning the discus with a throw of 133 feet, 5 inches.

“We’ve known each other for a few years,” Jeffs said. “It’s nice to have someone like that to compete against and good to have something that you’re getting better with. It gives you a little bit of a extra edge of confidence.”

Phenicie was second with a throw of 130-5.

“Blayre’s a good girl and a great thrower,” Phenicie said. “I’m competitive in everything I do and trying to break my previous mark each time I throw. When I don’t, it’s a little frustrating, but it was a good competition.”

The 6-foot-4 Jeffs has been attending camps at Ironwood for the past five years

She started about the seventh or eighth grade,” said Ironwood throws guru Bart Templeman, who is putting the Jarred Rome Invitational (formerly the Ironwood Throws Classic) on May 28-29 at his throwing complex in Rathdrum. “She’s been growing so much, it’s been a hard time to catch up with her growth, but she’s finally there. She gets across the ring really nice and delivers the discus really well.”

Phenicie, who is 5-foot-6, began attending camps after her freshman year at Coeur d’Alene.

“She came as a freshman and she’s really strong for her size,” Templeman said. “I mean, she’s really strong. Next year will be her big year, but she’s not done yet this year. She’s going to be a great thrower in both events.”

Jeffs also won the shot put with a throw of 41 feet. Phenicie was second at 39-7.

While Phenicie still is learning technique, she credits her time in the Ironwood program for helping her get better.

“Both Bart and Kristine (Rothwell, the Coeur d’Alene throws coach, who as Kristine Leonard competed at Lakeland High and the University of Idaho) both tell me all the time that I can do it,” Phenicie said. “If I put the work in, I’ll get there. Throwing is such a good feeling. Everyone roots for everyone else and helps each other. It’s a lot of fun doing it.”

Jeffs has signed with NCAA Division II Western Colorado in Gunnison.

“Bart took me from a really clumsy seventh-grader that kind of had no idea what I was doing to an athlete that’s going to sign to a college and go all the way through and hopefully post-collegiate,” Jeffs said. “He’s taught me all kinds of mechanics and I definitely wouldn’t be the thrower I am right now without him.”

Jeffs is also competing with a torn meniscus in her left knee that will require surgery following the state meet in two weeks.

The top 16 athletes and eight relays across District 1 competed in the event, which has been held since 2000. Since entries are limited, no team scores are kept.

Several meet records were set.

Post Falls junior Sammie Wood won the 800 in 2:16.24, breaking the previous mark of Sandpoint’s Hannah Davidson (2:19.43) from 2018. Lake City senior Angelyca Chapman won the 400 in 57.65 seconds, breaking the previous mark of Coeur d’Alene’s Victoria Goetz (57.70) from 2015. The Lake City 4x100 relay team of Chapman, Keturah Vogel-Chapman, Hailey Jo Parks and Georgia Whitehead won in 49.50, breaking the school’s previous record at the meet of 49.50 set in 2003. Post Falls sophomore Annastasia Peters won the 3,200 in 11 minutes, 1.03 seconds, breaking the previous record held by Kinsey Gomez of Coeur d’Alene (11:03.07) set in 2009.

Entering the boys 800-meter run as the top seed didn’t faze Post Falls senior Alex Peters. At least in that race.

“It’s something I don’t usually worry about,” said Peters, who won in 2:01.59. “Running a race like the 1,600, it’s in the back of your mind a little bit and some guys are coming in fresh. You’ve just got to put that in the back of your mind and push through it.”

After the first lap, Peters, Sandpoint’s Jett Lucas and Braden Dance of Coeur d’Alene were within meters of each other.

“I could hear them behind me,” Peters said. “I knew I had to keep driving and keeping pushing ahead, and get my legs up and down.”

For Peters and Dance, it’s been a race they’ve ran many times over the years.

“We’ve been racing each other since middle school,” Peters said. “It makes it really fun to see who beats who each week. It’s definitely a fun rivalry to have.”

“It’s fun because I practice with him all summer,” Dance said. “Every race, it’s a battle. Today, I’d ran two races beforehand (the 1,600 and the medley relay), so I knew he’d be a little ahead of me. Pretty much each 800, it’s been close between me and him.”

Dance has also been doing summer workouts with Peters and Post Falls senior Brycen Kempton to keep in shape.

“Brycen (Kempton) and Alex asked me to train with them,” Dance said. “We do a lot of short runs, and it’s a lot of fun working together instead of separating our schools and try to get our districts up there at the top.”

Peters will likely be the top seed in the 5A Region 1 800 next Friday in Lewiston.

“At this point, anything can happen,” said Peters, who has signed with Whitworth. “You want to feel mentally good, but you also don’t want to put yourself up there too high. You just have to go out and run your race.”

For Dance, his next move will be in a few years.

“I’m going on a two-year church mission and going to Panama,” Dance said. “After that, I’m going to BYU and so I’m going to try and run with them if I can stay in shape on my mission. We’ll see if I can keep up with them.”

Dan Nipp, a former longtime Post Falls High throws coach who was part of the inaugural class of the District 1 All-Star Meet Hall of Fame in 2019, was recognized during the event. Nipp passed away after a long illness on Thursday morning.


100 — 1, Braden Kappen, Sandpoint, 11.17. 2, Sheldon Pine, Post Falls, 11.63. 3, Jordan Gallegos, Cd’A Charter, 11.69. 200 — 1, Braden Kappen, Sandpoint, 22.94. 2, Jordan Gallegos, Cd’A Charter, 23.56. 3, Caleb Streeter, Post Falls, 23.63. 400 — 1, Hayden Stockton, Bonners Ferry, 50.75. 2, Terry Edwards, Lakeland, 52.18. 3, Peyton Ennis, Sandpoint, 52.59. 800 — 1, Alex Peters, Post Falls, 2:01.59. 2, Jett Lucas, Sandpoint, 2:03.35. 3, Braden Dance, Coeur d’Alene, 2:07.80. 1,600 — 1, Brycen Kempton, Post Falls, 4:22.49. 2, Nikolai Braedt, Sandpoint, 4:22.52. 3, Alex Peters, Post Falls, 4:25.27.

110 hurdles — 1, Rusty Lee, Sandpoint, 16.07. 2, Isaac Ballew, Post Falls, 16.72. 3, Colton Pentland, Wallace, 71.15. 300 hurdles — 1, Isaac Ballew, Post Falls, 40.52. 2, Rusty Lee, Sandpoint, 40.79. 3, Luke McCorkle, Sandpoint, 42.89. 4x100 relay — 1, Post Falls (Caleb Streeter, Dylan Wolfe, Dalton Wild, Kyle Lickfold), 43.76. 2, Coeur d’Alene, 44.70. 3, Lakeland, 44.71. 4x200 relay — 1, Post Falls (Sheldon Pine, Caleb Streeter, Isaac Ballew, Chase Berg), 1:30.39. 2, Lake City, 1:32.46. 3, Bonners Ferry, 1:33.12. 4x400 relay — 1, Post Falls (Donovan Daniels, Isaiah Meredith, Chase Berg, Isaac Ballew), 3:29.19. 2, Sandpoint, 3:29.23. 3, Bonners Ferry, 3:31.72. Sprint medley — 1, Timberlake (Colten Bernal, Mason Zollinger, Noah Barnes, Dylan Royce), 3:49.82. 2, Lakeland, 3:56.63. 3, St. Maries, 4:01.35.

Shot put — 1, Logan Parson, Lake City, 46-5. 2, Will Hurst, Sandpoint, 45-2. 3, Austin Portner, Post Falls, 44-9. Discus — 1, Seth Hagel, Coeur d’Alene, 148-6. 2, Sterling Crupper, Cd’A Charter, 143-0. 3, Logan Parson, Lake City, 137-7. High jump — 1, Eli Jolly, Coeur d’Alene, 6-0. 2, Josh Haug, Lakeland, 6-0. 3, Rusty Lee, Sandpoint, 6-0. Pole vault — 1, Lars Horning, Post Falls, 13-6. 2, Porter Howard, Lake City, 13-0. 3, Sam Becker, Sandpoint, 12-6. Long jump — 1, Braden Kappen, Sandpoint, 22-4. 2, Caden McLean, Post Falls, 20-7 ½. 3, Terry Edwards, Lakeland, 20-4 ½. Triple jump — 1, Chase Berg, Post Falls, 41-1 ½. 2, Ian Gardom, Timberlake, 40-0. 3, Caius Tebbe, Lakeland, 39-4 ½.


100 — 1, Keturah Vogel-Greenwood, Lake City, 13.19. 2, Niki Hare, Coeur d’Alene, 13.26. 3, Jeana Craven, Timberlake, 13.45. 200 — 1, Angelyca Chapman, Lake City, 25.89. 2, Niki Hare, Coeur d’Alene, 27.10. 3, Jeana Craven, Timberlake, 27.33. 400 — 1, Angelyca Chapman, Lake City, 56.79. 2, Kinlee McLean, Post Falls, 1:01.01. 3, Addie Kiefer, Lakeland, 1:01.68. 800 — 1, Samantha Wood, Post Falls, 2:16.24. 2, Maren Davidson, Sandpoint, 2:22.64. 3, Anne Marie Dance, Coeur d’Alene, 2:26.05. 1,600 — 1, Samantha Wood, Post Falls, 5:04.99. 2, Annastasia Peters, Post Falls, 5:13.28. 3, Sydnee Hostetler, Lakeland, 5:29.43. 3,200 — 1, Annastasia Peters, Post Falls, 11:01.03. 2, McKenna Kozeluh, Cd’A Charter, 12:08.73. 3, Alahna Lien, Post Falls, 12:22.77.

100 hurdles — 1, Taylor Petz, Sandpoint, 16.48. 2, Abigail Sanders, Post Falls, 16.71. 3, Taylor Martini, Lake City, 17.21. 300 hurdles — 1, Kiley Cutler, Cd’A Charter, 47.09. 2, Abigail Sanders, Post Falls, 48.95. 3, Leah Holding, Post Falls, 49.64. 4x100 relay — 1, Lake City (Hailey Jo Parks, Keturah Vogel-Greenwood, Georgia Whitehead, Angelyca Chapman), 49.19. 2, Lakeland, 51.02. 3, Timberlake, 51.40. 4x200 relay — 1, Lake City (Hailey Jo Parks, Keturah Vogel-Greenwood, Georgia Whitehead, Angelyca Chapman), 1:44.58. 2, Coeur d’Alene, 1:47.90. 3, Post Falls, 1:49.51. 4x400 relay — 1, Lakeland (Addie Kiefer, Ally Murray, Kenna Simon, Sydnee Hostetler), 4:13.42. 2, Coeur d’Alene, 4:18.55. 3, Bonners Ferry, 4:23.42. Sprint medley — 1, Lakeland (Michaela Palanuik, McKenzie Palanuik, Stacey Barber, Kenna Simon), 1:54.40. 2, Bonners Ferry, 1:57.91. 3, Coeur d’Alene, 2:01.05.

Shot put — 1, Blayre Jeffs, Timberlake, 41-0. 2, Lily Phenicie, Coeur d’Alene, 39-7. 3, Asha Abubakari, Bonners Ferry, 35-4 ½. Discus — 1, Blayre Jeffs, Timberlake, 133-5. 2, Lily Phenicie, Coeur d’Alene, 130-0. 3, Madeline Wolford, Lake City, 118-0. High jump — 1, Emma Harless, Post Falls, 5-0. 2, Alexis Hildreth, Coeur d’Alene, 4-10. 3, Maleah Wilhelm, Post Falls, 4-8. Pole vault — 1, Taylor Petz, Sandpoint, 11-1. 2, Samantha Daniels, Lakeland, 9-0. 3, Amy Madsen, Post Falls, 8-6. Long jump — 1, Holly Ansley, Bonners Ferry, 15-8 ½. 2, Aliya Strock, Sandpoint, 15-7. 3, Asha Abubakari, Bonners Ferry, 15-6 ½. Triple jump — 1, Skilar McLean, Post Falls, 34-3. 2, Holly Ansley, Bonners Ferry, 32-11 ½. 3, Lauren Bengtson, Coeur d’Alene, 32-5.


JASON ELLIOTT/Press Post Falls senior Alex Peters, Sandpoint's Jett Lucas and Braden Dance of Coeur d'Alene complete the first lap of the boys 800 during the District 1 All-Star Meet on Thursday at Post Falls High

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