Friday, June 18, 2021

BIDEN: Pitfalls are plenty

| June 11, 2021 1:00 AM

As I view the news of the nation, the Biden voters should be rejoicing as he keeps his campaign promises.

America will not be great under Joe Biden. Freedom of speech is denied. No one can speak of election fraud. What can be wrong with seven states stopping counting before complete, removing Republican observers, masking windows so no one can observe our free elections?

More than 60 courts refused to hear evidence denying trials based on “standing.” The United States of America is paying for the murder of innocent babies and our southern border is wide open to illegal aliens bringing with them corruption, criminality and disease.

We are no longer energy independent and gas is up about a dollar per gallon. Our president has promised to ban internal combustion engines for electrical power without regard to the fact that the batteries to be manufactured are built with the toxic metals lithium, lead, cadmium and mercury that have to be mined and processed, and once battery life is consumed, they must be disposed as hazardous waste.

These must be the great, green jobs that have been referenced. Education has declined and U.S. students do not rate in the top 20 in math or science in the world. We are considered haters and racists if we do not accept deviant lifestyles. Only One can save us and He is not a politician.