Friday, June 18, 2021

DALTON: No shutdown, no way

| June 9, 2021 1:00 AM

What a difference truth makes! The Dalton Gardens Council meeting of June 3 stands in stark contrast to that of May 24. GONE were the unhinged flying monkeys of Mayor Edwards’ circus, banished through pointing out the TRUTH available and accessible to anyone interested.

Edwards was shown to have completely misrepresented the whole affair, principally his outrageous claims of annexation, and WHY resignations occurred. And then, his DIRE pronouncement that DALTON GARDENS WOULD SHUT DOWN(!) because no one would be there to open the doors. That claim alone showcases his duplicity, as he announced (June 3) that because the Clerk would be attending classes CITY HALL WOULD BE CLOSED for several days.

Really Mayor, where now is your concern over access to City Hall and services? Councilmember Wuest pointed out for the record that Edwards DID NOT consult the City Attorney prior to making his absurd claims; also that Attorney Kling (May 24) clearly stated the legal requirements for annexation, an extremely remote prospect, yet Edwards and his mob simply refused that professional advice! Sounding familiar?

Edwards, having been shown to be completely bereft of credibility, was called upon to apologize to residents and council alike for his hideous scare mongering, yet the call for his apology went unrecognized and unheeded by Edwards. I’m sure there exists a term for repeated refusal to acknowledge one’s culpability in wrongdoing?

I believe real e$tate agent and general contractor Mayor Edwards will continue to disrupt, this only a minor setback, too much at $take to turn around now.


Dalton Gardens