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NIC Board: Discord among public officials 'not unusual'

Staff Writer | January 30, 2021 1:06 AM

North Idaho College on Friday released a statement from the board of trustees saying they'll work together for the good of the institution.

Trustees recently met with NIC President Rick MacLennan to address a number of conflicts.

"The trustees have all committed to find an appropriate path forward to put the college first to maintain the institutional integrity of NIC," the statement reads.

It notes that discord among public officials "is not unusual."

"What’s important is to acknowledge the conflict, address it and move expeditiously toward a resolution," the statement reads. "This effort takes time, understanding and a will to do what is best for the institution. The board is committed to keeping the students, the employees and the NIC community in the forefront as they fulfill their trustee duties."

The statement follows longtime board member Christie Wood's submittal of a Jan. 19 letter asking for Chair Todd Banducci's resignation, describing "inappropriate, aggressive or threatening behavior from Trustee Banducci" inflicted on or witnessed by board members, faculty, staff and students for the past eight years.

The Press also obtained through a public record request an email to Wood from MacLennan concerning Banducci's behavior.

When asked about the letter, Banducci said calling for his resignation is a continuation of Wood's attack on his board participation.

"She has been antagonistic toward me since I joined the board in 2012," he was quoted in a Jan. 20 Press article. "It appears this is a concerted effort to finally be rid of me because she doesn't appreciate the questions I ask as I attempt to fulfill my role as board chair."

On Friday, Wood replied to a Press email about the NIC statement.

"I agreed to sign onto the statement and do intend to work on our governance issues for the benefit of the college and our community," she said. "Hopefully trustees can come together and find areas of agreement in how to move forward. I will continue to be very transparent with our community in our board meetings."

An email to Banducci was not answered by press time.