Friday, January 15, 2021

TRUMP: Silence is golden

| January 14, 2021 1:00 AM

I woke up to a brand new world. I was able to hear my lifelong conservative friend pose the argument that somehow an old, fat, white, Republican lawmaker is being “discriminated against” since the entitlement the rest of us have come to know as Twitter and Facebook will no longer promote his divisive and indicting language for those not on his team.

Literally a day earlier, the discussion was pertaining to who had the right to be considered a legal voter. My thought was if you can be affected by the vote, you should have a say. That argument hit real opposition, until the person my friend defends regularly became the one being “silenced.”

Since that, all I hear now is that the conspiracy must be real deep in order to keep the truth from us. Here is a hint for all you paranoid types: It’s not a secret conspiracy if you’re the only one who can dream it up. Sometimes, not always or even often, but sometimes people actually reap what they sow.

In very rare occasions, we get to see that unfold thanks to news outlets like this one. I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account but the fact that they publicly denounced a bully makes me reconsider.