Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sheriff's Blotter

| February 23, 2021 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy handled a suspicious call near Woodland Beach Drive & Cliff House Road after an R/P took her daughter to the bus stop and discovered all the mailboxes in the bank of mailboxes there had been opened and mail was on the ground (21-07611).

• Spirit Lake Police along with several deputies started to respond to Spirit Lake Elementary for a lockdown. Upon SLPD's arrival it was discovered that a substitute teacher had mistakenly set off the lockdown and KCSO units disregarded (21-07622).

• A CSO handled a fraud call at Alder Creek Road where the victim discovered an unknown suspect had obtained her FTC number and made charges in excess of $500 in the Post Falls area and other unknown locations (21-07639).

• A Deputy and the Patrol Captain responded to a property damage accident at Driftwood Drive and Greensferry Road where a vehicle ran into a concrete barrier and over a street sign (21-07649).

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded with several units from ISP to the area of Hwy 95 SB X mm 450 to assist ISP. They conducted the stop and KCSO units assisted with traffic control. 21-07666

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle near Prairie X Meyer. The Deputy arrested the driver for poss. of meth, and poss. of para. Once in the PSB, during a pat down of her person, additional meth was found in female’s bra. She was also charged with introduction of contraband into the jail. 21-07690

• Deputies along with Fire/EMS responded to the area of Frontier Ice Arena reference a female found on the ground with blood on her face. The Deputy found the female had suffered a fall possibly from a diabetic episode. She was transported to KH. 21-07691

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle near Riverbend X Grassland. The driver was arrested for his outstanding Warrants. 21-07707

• While on the above call a vehicle approached the Deputies stop, A Deputy contacted the occupant who was acting suspiciously. Upon further investigation the driver was in possession of Oxy's without a prescription. The driver was arrested for possession of drugs and DUI. 21-07708

• A Deputy responded to E Iowa Ave in Hayden for a dispute. Upon arrival, units found that ex-husband had come the residence to see his son in common. The ex-wife’s new boyfriend called to report the incident because the father was intoxicated and got in his face. Assault charges were sent to the PAO. 21-07673.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to a suspicious person. A neighbor called to report that a male had parked in her driveway for about 5 minutes before leaving and going to the neighbors’ residence. Deputies recognized the address due to a call approximately 1 month prior that involved a party and a 16 year old getting stabbed. Upon Deputies arrival, contact was made with a resident who advised she was having a “small get together” and that her friend went to the wrong residence. The resident was reminded of the previous get together she hosted and she understood. A message was left with resident’s mother to remind her of the possible issues of allowing her daughter to have people over unsupervised. 21-07719

• Deputies conducted extra patrols in the Hauser area in regards to the recent mail theft from the previous day. A red GMC Sierra was contacted however nothing suspicious was observed.

• Deputies responded to the area of Courcelles PKWY in regards to two intoxicated males seen walking in the area. Deputies contacted a male and female walking on the sidewalk. The two were cooperative and advised they were walking to blow off steam. Both advised they would return to their residence and apologized for speaking loudly in the neighborhood. 21-07729

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to a family dispute on Coolin Drive and arrested a male for assault (21-0777).

• A Deputy responded to a property damage accident on Kidd Island Road near North Cape Road. The accident actually occurred on private property near there and swap forms were completed (21-07744).

• A Deputy handled a theft at the Casino where an R/P reported someone stole the license plates off her vehicle within the last week (21-07776).

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Riffle Rd. for an Injury ATV Crash with CPR started. On scene it was reported there was also a female injured. Lifeflight was launched, and then had to turn back due to weather. Both patients were juveniles and were transported via ground to KH with moderate injuries. 21-07797

• Several Deputies responded to W. Kyler Ave. reference a Suicide Threat. It was reported a male had threatened suicide through text messages with his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend in Moses Lake. Upon contact he was verbally uncooperative, however Deputies were able to de-escalate him, and eventually he elected to go to the Crisis Center upon the Deputies invitation. 21-07802

• Two Deputies responded to a reported Property Damage crash near the A-1 smoke shop, however the crash was determined to be in Spokane's jurisdiction.

• A Patrol Sergeant responded to a Traffic Hazard on Fernan Lake Road 8/10 mile east of the USFS Ranger Station. A rock/land slide covered approx. 3/4 of the roadway with some of the boulders the size of cars. Eastside Hwy District responded later with a loader and took care of the situation. 21-07821

• A Deputy responded to a Property Damage Crash on W. Orchard, KFC restaurant. Driver was cited for leaving the scene. 21-07804

• Deputies responded to N. Boot Hill Rd. reference a Family Dispute. The call originally came in as a 911 Hang Up, and upon call back the Dispatcher could hear arguing and a male got on the line and advised his wife had been drinking and he is depressed. On scene Deputies sorted everything out. F.I. completed. 21-07823

• While a Deputy was originally responding to the above call, a vehicle committed a violation in front of him which caused him to stop the vehicle. A DUI investigation ensued with the driver providing a breath sample of .088. The driver was placed in custody and transported to the PSB. 21-07824

• Deputies responded to the parking lot area of Nashville North for a reported Domestic between a male and female. Units found it was only verbal, cleared 8. 21-07828

• Deputies responded to a 911 Hang-Up at Triple Play/Holiday Inn Express. From sounds/voices hear on the line it sounded as if it was an accidental dial in to 911. Subjects contacted, and were ok. 21-07825

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: Nothing of note to report.

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. 15th St. in Dalton Gardens for a possible domestic report. Upon their arrival they learned this was a verbal argument with a mother and adult daughter. The daughter was allegedly "on drugs" and pushed her mother during the argument. The suspect fled the scene prior to our arrival and Deputies were not able to contact her prior to the end of his shift.

• Deputies responded to the area of east Hayden Lake Rd. and E. Dodd Rd for a multi vehicle slide off/cash. Due to the weather conditions and response time from the tow company it was a rather lengthy process to get the vehicle outs of the snow bank and clear the scene.

Evening and Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N Gleason Road for a domestic dispute. On scene they contacted husband and wife. Both indicated they were in the midst of a divorce and got in an argument regarding the children. No crime was committed and an FI was completed. 21-07900

• Deputies responded to Ramsey and Diagonal after BNSF called to report that an unknown male was stopped as he attempted to gain entry to a train that was parked in the area. The male was last seen walking away from the train. Deputies soon located a male in a nearby construction shed. The male is homeless and traveling the country via the railway. The male was extremely wet and cold, and admitted he was only trying to get dry and warm in the shed. This was apparent as he had his items strewn about to dry. He was transported to a warming shelter per his request. 21-07923

• Deputies responded to 6000 W Hwy 54 for a suicide threat. A male had called stating he was feeling suicidal and requested assistance. On scene they determined the male to be suicidal and in possession of a large amount of knives. The male was transported to KBH where he placed on a PC hold. 21-07927