Sunday, February 28, 2021

The River City is nobody's bedroom

| February 19, 2021 1:00 AM

Post Falls, bedroom community to Coeur d’Alene and Spokane.

That was then.

This is now:

Post Falls, a community as unique and vibrant as any in North Idaho.

That’s the present time recognition of one of the state’s fastest growing cities — that it really isn’t anybody’s bedroom community anymore, but its own thriving, proactive collection of talented people and businesses.

Sure, Post Falls denizens have known this for some time. But last night’s Chamber of Commerce recognition banquet, headlined by Graydon Stanley taking home the Citizen of the Year award, helped others of us catch up a bit on today’s reality.

Capably headed by Christina Petit, the Chamber is a shining example of leadership in good times and bad. Even with COVID-19’s cloud still hovering, the Chamber managed to pull together all the award winners and their selected guests for a live, in-person event. No huge crowds with super-spreading potential, but acknowledgment of accomplishments and celebration in the most meaningful way possible.

If you think this is empty boasting about Kootenai County’s second-largest city — and one which will almost certainly surpass Coeur d’Alene in population because of its rapid expansion with plenty of room to grow — please take just a moment to read about the Chamber event on today’s front page. That’s a group of excellence that would make any community proud.

While it’s true that many Post Falls residents drive short distances east and west to make their livelihoods, it’s also true that as the city develops, more and more businesses will expand, relocate or simply choose Post Falls to set up shop. Continuing efforts to develop a downtown core are starting to pay off, and it’s not hard to imagine big strides in that area when COVID collapses and the state’s economy shifts into higher gear.

Just as the Post Falls Chamber honored stellar citizens and groups last night, The Press applauds the Chamber for helping the community fashion an enviable identity all its own.