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LIBRARIES: It’s about agendas

| December 22, 2021 1:00 AM

Why do legislatures legally prohibit/limit minors’ ability and access; to smoke/drink/inhalants/obscene material and performances;/firearms/sex/sex shops/vote/drive?

Children have developing brains and value systems (i.e. can’t process or filter information like adults); that’s why they’re being targeted. It seems libraries/schools have been agendized to promote immorality. They should adhere to the basic values of Kootenai taxpayers for children, and Idaho statutes like 18:15.

Seemingly, some are interested in smearing those they disagree with, not truth.

Why was much of the Dec. 1 “Protesters” article about the new CLN trustees, when neither was involved with said demonstration? The author’s assertion that they “listed their political affiliation on the ballot” is a blatant lie; why didn’t anyone call the elections office for a copy of the May ballot?

The article also quoted that people yelled at and intimidated the Rainbow Squad children. Did anyone try to verify this by interviewing demonstrators/officers present, or reviewing the police body cam footage?

Hater? (Leftist go-to smear toward dissenters). I don’t hate people, but agendas that harm children. Civility for all, but no taxpayer-funded sexual agenda promotion to children. And how does moving books from one library section to another (children’s->adult: where they can still be readily found, but not accidentally by innocent children/against parent’s choice), qualify as book burning or censorship?

Partisanship? Some are upset that the leftist agenda that has long predominated these non-partisan positions is being interrupted. Don’t responsible adults of any political affiliation have a duty to protect vulnerable children and uphold the law?


CLN trustee