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God would approve of library protest

| December 4, 2021 1:00 AM

My name is Pastor Steven Hemming of Family Worship Center here in Hayden, Idaho. I am responding to your article “Protesters target teen library patrons.”

A lot of the people present at the library that night are part of my congregation. I was the one who actually initiated the gathering outside of the library once I heard this was taking place in our community. It is shocking to me that this has been going on for years now right under the noses of our community without anyone truly being aware of it. I am very well connected with other pastors in our area and none of them have been aware of this until now.

So first off, I want to thank you for putting it on the front page of the paper so now our community is aware of the atrocities that have been taken place in our libraries. In other parts of our country the exploitation and sexualization of our children has come to a place where it is a losing battle with things like “drag queen story hour” and other agendas to make immorality a fashion campaign for our future generations and completely destroy the family unit that God intended to thrive and prosper with His blessing.

God’s Word tells us to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but to expose them. Everything that is exposed is put on display by the light of God. Though your article was very one sided and slanted news, God used you to expose the approval of immorality that is taking place in our community. So, thank you for being used by God to do so.

Secondly, sharing signs that express God’s truth found in His word is not targeting anyone, but the sin found in the human heart. If anything is being targeted, it’s programs like these that are sexualizing and exploiting children. Normalizing immorality and telling them it is accepted and approved in our community. Why were not any of the people holding signs interviewed? Why did just the people that were in opposition of the message presented by the Christians have a voice in the article?

I, myself, and many, many others in our community are now aware of who we have on the library network board and who makes these decisions for our community. If the community does not want these things taking place in our libraries, then why are they happening? We are awakened to the importance of these elected officials and will vote for people that will represent our values and morals well. We the people are very clear now of what we are stepping into and what the ethical background of being a trustee is.

Thirdly, our message is a message of God’s unfailing love for all people. That there is forgiveness of sins, peace that passes understanding, and inexpressible joy found in the Lord Jesus Christ that came to seek and to save that which is lost. If anyone is willing to turn from their wicked ways and put their faith in the Son of God they will be set free. Because who the Son sets free is free indeed.

Thank you for your time in reading my response, editor. And know that I am praying for you, too. God bless you.


Pastor Steven Hemming

Family Worship Center