Monday, September 20, 2021

editorial: 3Cs a gift to our community

| August 1, 2021 1:00 AM

They don’t talk religion or politics, which probably is a pretty good prescription for what ails the rest of us.

No, the army of big-hearted and fun-loving ladies known as 3Cs has far more important stuff to do and discuss.

Like helping those around them.

Since the group’s inception in 1962 and nonprofit status in 1975, the 3Cs has grown to about 600 members. They’re approaching $2.5 million raised and distributed among worthy organizations in the community.

As chronicled recently by reporter Elli Goldman Hilbert, the 3Cs (Cancer and Community Charities) got their start raising money for a friend with cancer. That humble beginning did not hint at the tremendous impact 3Cs would have over the decades.

3Cs raises lots of money but they don’t toss cash to just anyone. As representatives of this newspaper’s Press Christmas for All program can attest, when you’re on the receiving end of 3Cs’ benevolence, everyone involved has certainty that the work is worthwhile.

First, there’s an application to fill out. Next, there’s a phone call for a one-on-one, face-to-face interview. The interview is always pleasant, and it doesn’t take a long time, but those seeking 3Cs funding have to defend their ask - because as much money as 3Cs raises, there’s always far more need than there are resources.

The 3Cs recently made the tough decisions about who will get what this year. It’s a version of Christmas in July, though doubtful that even Santa works as hard as these ladies.

Today we’d like to express our huge thanks to 3Cs and ask that everyone else consider pitching in one of two ways: by seeking membership in this outstanding organization, or by participating in any of its many annual fundraising activities.

By helping them, you help others.

Maybe most of all, you help yourself.