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Youth Sports Sept. 16, 2020

| September 16, 2020 1:05 AM


Sunset Bowling Lanes

High games

Bantams (5 to 8 year olds)

Boys - Hunter McComb - 61; Brody Shands - 49

Girls - Addison Herberly - 69; Chloe McCliggott - 61; Tori Graff - 28

Preps (9 to 11 year olds)

Boys - Zac Nielsen - 44

Girls - Ruby Goodknight - 121; Drew Hammond - 90; Payton Way - 89

Juniors (12 to 18 year olds)

Boys - Josh Loper - 203; Caleb Kearl - 179; Brayden Martinez - 169

Girls ; Quin Graff - 151; Daphnee Hammond - 143; Jessabell Hart - 138

NOTE: The Sunset youth leagues bowl at 10 a.m. on Saturdays. There is still room if kids 5-18 want to join.

Information: Jackie at 208-661-5402, or stop by the front desk at Sunset Bowling Center.


U4 Soccer (3 & 4 yr. old Soccer)

Seright’s Ace Hardware & Young Construction (Black)

Tessa Davenport (2), Everson Warren (3), Jane Etchison (1), Thomas Keough (1), Oliver Coppert (6)

Edward Jones – Debbie Holmes & Rathdrum Lions Club

Jordy Lang (9), Jonathan Scholz (3), Brantley Saegar (3), Charlee Short (1)

Bean Barn & Young Construction (Orange)

Daisy Ash (5), Cole Mayfield (8), Brenner Thompson (4)

U6 Soccer (5 & 6 yr. old Soccer)

Mihara Law PLLC & Rathdrum Lions Club

Kacen Lohmiller (1), Cora Mihara (1), Penny Messuri (1), Micah Andrews (2), Lila Fisher (1)

Pita Pit & Idaho Forest Group

Carter Woodcock (1), Casey Stella (1), Leigh James (1), Max Anderson (2)


Sept. 10

Flag football

At The Fields at Real Life Ministries

5th/6th Grade Divsion

Game 1

Warriors - 14

Vipers - 20


Touchdowns – Caden Dever, Nicholas Smith

Flag Pulls – Kolton Anderson, Kayden Klimek, Nicholas Smith, Jobe Stam


Touchdowns – Jonah Ebert, Kelan Moore, Brayden Smith

Flag Pulls – Liam Alderman, Jeremiah, Jonah Ebert, Kelan Moore, Paxon Rasor, Brayden Smith, Gavin Tosi

Game 2

Juggernauts - 9

Spartans - 6


Touchdowns – Jonathan Barnhart

Flag Pulls –Jonathan Barnhart, Caden Perkins, Carter Rossberg, Kason Stanaway, Noah Stielstra, Nikolas Taylor

The Spartans

Touchdowns – Titus Tenney

Flag Pulls – Luke Blasick, Brody Bowlin, Jackson Harvey, Isaiah Lewis, Gage Tenney, Kellan Walther

Game 3

Mahomies - 21

Yellow Jackets – 0


Touchdowns – Sawyer Bateman

Flag Pulls – Liam Anderson, Sawyer Bateman, Cale Blood, Monroe Osborne, Eyan Rubert, Joshua Sampson, Ian Tandy

Yellow Jackets

Flag Pulls – Parker Bundy, Zachary Carrasco, Gabriel Nagrone, Wyatt Rettman, Dylan Vranich

3rd/4th Grade Division

Game 1

Wolverines - 26

The Outlaws - 0


Touchdowns - Parker Henniger, Kagen Kirk, Trent Lilyquist, Lawson Roberg

Flag Pulls – Dawson Bechel, Parker Henniger, Trent Lilyquist, Jax Pearson, Liam Rettman

The Outlaws

Flag Pulls – Reed Dickson, Mason Miller, Archer Seeds

Game 2

The GOATS - 22

Pac-mans - 12


Touchdowns – Easton Annotti, Eli Whiteman

Flag Pulls – Easton Annotti, Caleb Finney, Eli Whiteman

Pac Mans

Touchdowns – John Neff

Flag Pulls – Blake Anderson, Kohen Hedge, Emersen Kertwick, John Neff, Wyatt Risken, Daniel Velasquez

Game 3

Stykers - 0

Titans - 32


Flag Pulls – Ezekiel Mitchell, Jake Naff, Garrett Rediger, Mason Tucker


Touchdowns – Nathan Fitzpatrick, Jacoby Longtrain

Flag Pulls – Owen Copstead, Nathan Fitzpatrick, Trey Gosney, Colton Koch, Tanner Leiser, Jacoby Longtain, Trey Love, Matthew Rios, Cruz Salzwedel, Mason Soltwisch, Will Wood

Saturday, September 12, 2020 – Flag Football

@ “The Fields” at Real Life Ministries

Pre K/K - Grade Division

Game 1

Black Sharks - 16

Blue Flame Dragons - 25

Black Sharks

Touchdowns – James Harrington, Jaxsen Ontiveros

Flag Pulls – Jaxsen Ontiveros, Lucas Shamion, Grant Vetsch

Blue Flame Dragons

Touchdowns – Paxton Bond, Miles Wood

Flag Pulls – Paxton Bond, Clayton Durfey

Game 2

The Cheetahs - 18

Lightening Tigers - 24

The Cheetahs -

Touchdowns Kade Alvarado, Griffin Krissieg

Flag Pulls Kade Alvarado, Nicolas Edgar, Kylar Nelson

Lightening Tigers

Touchdowns – Cole Luzzo, Cole Martin, Gunnar Pursley

Flag Pulls – Jace Eachon, Beckham Lee, Cole Luzzo, Nicholas McLaren, Gunnar Pursley

1/2nd Grade Division

Game 1

Wolfpack – 12

Hawks - 20


Touchdowns Jimmer Genatone, Mac Roberts

Flag Pulls – Miles Arrotta, Aure Brennan, Brody Brennan, Carter Dube, Keegan Michael, Bryce VanLueven


Touchdowns – Byron Betsch, Josh Bevacqua, Henry Thurston

Flag Pulls – Byron Bertsch, Josh Bevacqua, Collin Bourassa, Palmer Murphy, Gabriel Stearns, Henry Thurston

Game 2

Post Falls Spikes - 12

Gators - 28

Post Falls Spikes

Touchdowns – Elijah Ebert, Issac Putman

Flag Pulls – Dominic Bechel, Brayden Drapeau, Elijah Ebert, Wesley Fisher


Touchdowns – Kase Ralston, Finnely Short, Witten Short, Cameron Tosi

Flag Pulls – Evan Johnson, Emmett Longtain, Finnley Short, Witten Short, Sawyer Smith, Cameron Tosi

Game 3

Dolphins – 26

Warriors (1./2nd) - 26


Touchdowns – Grady Forkner, Eben Harris, Griffin Higgins, Marcus Miller

Flag Pulls – Grady Forkner, Griffin Higgins, Elias Love, Marcus Miller

Warriors (1/2nd)

Touchdowns – Ashdon Bettis, Camden Glindeman, Michael Mclaren

Flag Pulls – Ashdon Bettis, Cannon Bond, Brody Cantrell, Camden Glindeman, Archer Herndon, Cameron Hoy, Blake Nielsen, Clyde Stokes

Sept. 12


At The Fields at Real Life Ministries

Pre K/K Grade Divsion

Game 1

Sharks - 3

Bumblebees - 6


Goals – Lucas Bradley, Parker DeGraaff, Garrett Hill


Goals – Kyler Mee

Game 2

Super Speeders - 1

Turf Tornados – 7

Super Speeders

Goals - Avery Tarbutton

Turf Tornados

Goals – Kendall Morrett, Kole Reese, Kamden Vick, Memphis Tate

Game 3

Mustangs - 2

Thunder Cats - 5


Goals – Ethan Denisyuk


Goals – Oakley Gillis, Jeremiah Nystrom, Braelyn Parks, Owen Scaggs, Kolby Daniels

1/2nd Grade Division

Game 1

Soccerhawks – 4

Stormnados - 5


Goals – Micah Brumbach, Bowyn Gills, Benjamin Owen


Goals – Aiden Mojzis

Game 2

The Great White – 0

Thunderbolts - 5


Goals – Preston Bright, Seth Morley, Hudson Whiteman

Game 3

Gray Storm - 3

Lightening Sharks - 2

Gray Storm

Goals – Karson Eachon, Andy James

Lightening Sharks

Goals – Brenden Whitney

3/4th Grade Division

Game 1

Blue Hawks – 5

Forrest - 4

Blue Hawks

Goals – Jakob Brunk, Jax Molenaar


Goals – Gabriel Carlino, Layne Whiteman

Game 2

Grey Lightening – 1

Green Destroyers - 10

Grey Lightening - 1

Goals – Tessa Lovell

Green Destroyers

Goals – Calvin Gant, Peter Ratcliffe, Owen Sheppard, Ryker Stevens

5th to 8th Grade Division

Game 1

Legends – 5

Blue Rockets - 2


Goals – Dane Mac-Davis

Blue Rockets

Goals – Luke Berghorst

Game 2

Thunderstromzz - 8

FC Bayern Munich - 4


Goals – Kiya Cox, Owen Emery, Riley Johnson, Alivia Ludwig, Brooklyn Reese, Savy Woodruff

Sept. 12

Girls volleyball

At The Courts at Real Life Ministries

3rd/4th Grade Division

Match 1

Extreme Dreamers - 3

Chameleons – 0 Sets

Extreme Dreamers– Aces – Paetlyn Byrd, Addison Fowler, Avy Murphy, Jordyn Parke, Kalli Realmuto, Jayden Nelke

Chamelons – Aces – Hannah Batchelder, Raya Batchelder, Kendalyn Bowlby, Vivian Dykstra, Allison Morley, Elizabeth Morley, Allie Nitkichuk

Match 2

The Spikes – 0 Sets

The SunSetters – 3 Sets

The Spikes – Aces – Stella Cleave, Jade Laos, Sierra Molinari, Lola Ruggiero

The SunSetters - Aces – Grace little, Evelynn Milligan, Kennedy Short, Carolyn Tomlinson

5th/6th Grade Division

Match 1

The Corals – 2 Sets

Team B – 1 Set

The Corals– Aces – Harli Folda, Adeline Mavrinac

Team B – Aces – Adelynn Archer, Abby McArthur, Embree McKeown, Byrnna Miller

Match 2

The Crusaders – 0 Sets

Team D – 3 Sets

The Crusaders– Aces – Kirra Lichty, Kaitlyn Martin, Isabelle Meredith, Abby Moreland

Team D - Aces – Isabella Carlino, Ella Hummer, Desi Palm, Grace Palmer, Lydia Rush



Sept. 12


Century Publishing: Daisy Griffin 1 goals

Little Smiles Dentistry: Zane Campbell 4 goals

Mountain America Credit Union: Harper Combs 1 goal, Brailey Scott 2 goals, Sakiyas Scott 5 goals, Xander Weeks 7 goals


Big Sky Idaho: Amos Hunter 2 goals, Christopher Lederhoos 1 goal, Tanner Leiser 1 goal

Calvary Lutheran: Lincoln Holding 1 goal

Peach Orthodontics: Zachary Detwiler 3 goals

Stateline Speedway: Samson Kjar 1 goal, Nathan Sorenson 1 goal


Brumbach Dentistry: Cobe Cameron 3 goals, Caleb Heath 1 goal, Cole Jones 3 goals, Josiah Lange 1 goal, Owen Sharp 1 goal, Finn Zobell 2 goal

ML Architect: Ethan Kuplack 3 goals, Marcus Kuplack 4 goals

Post Falls Taco Bell: Gerard Breyer 1 goal

Seright’s Ace Hardware: Andrew Bentz 2 goals, Malachi Chafin 1 goal

Submit items for youth and non-varsity high school sports by noon Tuesday for publication Wednesday. Email stories and photos (in .jpg format) to

Information: 664-8176, Ext. 2019


Photo by MARCEE HARTZELL Natalie Thompson, left, and Kennedy Hartzell, right celebrate with Libby Morrisroe after Morrisroe scores from a breakaway assist from Hartzell. The Thorns North FC girls 07 soccer team started the Pend Oreille Cup off great, beating EW Surf G07 WNPL 2-0 in the first of three games, before the AQI rose to a level that forced the tournament to cancel. The Thorns' other goal was scored by Rachel Corette (Kennedy Hartzell).


Courtesy photo This past weekend the Thorns North FC 08 Girls Red soccer team placed first in its bracket at the 2020 Pend Oreille Cup in Sandpoint before the hazardous air quality made it unsafe to play in the finals on Sunday. On Friday, TNFC 08G Red tied EW Surf SC 08G 4-4. Talia Lambro had one goal and two assists. Kamryn Kirk, Alli Carrico, Isabella Grimmett each had one goal. Adysen Robinson defended the goal for TNFC. On Saturday TNFC 08G Red beat EW Surf SC 08G Royal 4-1. Avery Lathen had two goals. Talia Lambro and Ellie Moss each had one goal. Talia Lambro, Ella Pearson and Kamryn Kirk each had one assist. Macy Walters defended the goal for TNFC. Thorns, in red, pictured from left are Nora Ryan, Alli Carrico and Kambrya Powers.