Saturday, September 19, 2020

Voters, we've got you covered

| September 6, 2020 1:00 AM

The way it used to be: Occasional news articles and endorsement letters in the daily paper and a special Voters Guide inserted once for Press subscribers.

The way it is now: Oh, boy. Where do we start?

Because election interest is at sky-high levels — and because we'll all be voting in an environment that none of us is used to — The Press is hitting the political information trail with unprecedented passion. Here's what's in store:

*As always, your candidate endorsement letters to the editor are welcome. They must be 275 or fewer words; email them to Mike Patrick,

*As never, we will be producing a Voters Guide three times this election season. It will go to all subscribers, be inserted in single-copy purchases, and we'll produce an overrun so even non-subscribers can stop by The Press and pick one up. The guide will be inserted in The Press on Sept. 20, Oct. 11 and Nov. 1.

Why three? The early one is to reach the many voters who will cast their absentee ballots right away. The October printing will serve as a reminder or perhaps reach readers who simply overlooked the first publication. And the Nov. 1 edition? That's for the folks who will head to the polls and need a brisk refresher.

Publishing three times also allows us to make changes or updates as needed.

*Also new this year, Publisher Clint Schroeder, a political junkie from the finest of journalistic traditions, will be moderating Zoom interviews with all the local candidates for county and state offices. At least, we hope it's all the candidates, including the many in non-contested races who still owe their constituents some answers. They've been sent invitations and explanations about how the interviews will go.

Candidates will be given three good questions in advance, so that when they're being interviewed, they can give direct, cogent answers. They'll have time for opening and closing remarks, too.

These interviews will be posted on social media and The Press website, And it is from these interviews that the content for the Voters Guides will be derived.

Meantime, The Press will cover local political events for the daily paper as well, doing our best to make you as familiar with the candidates as possible.

Voting is a tremendous gift — and responsibility. It's also meaningless unless you know why you're casting your vote for certain people. Here's to tremendous turnout from a highly informed local electorate.