Thursday, October 22, 2020

SHERIFF: Vote for Bauer

| October 16, 2020 1:00 AM

The most important local race in this election is for sheriff. The sheriff sets the culture for the entire department; honorable leaders foster honor and integrity throughout the force, leading to greater public safety. The converse is also true. Contrast the success of NYPD under Bill Bratton’s and Bernie Karack’s leadership, to LASD, where former sheriff Baca and his undersheriff both recently went to federal prison for obstructing an investigation into corruption. That’s why — no matter what your political affiliation — it is important to vote for a sheriff you can trust to lead with honor, integrity and transparency.

Your choice is between an unknown quantity who spent a fortune buying name recognition to win a crowded primary — or Captain Mike Bauer, ret., a man of integrity with broad, real-life law enforcement and leadership experience.

You will receive a mailer from the county GOP (KCRCC) endorsing every Republican on the ballot in the November election. That’s their obligation. However — although you may be a lifelong Republican like me — you are not obligated to vote for every “R” on the ballot. Instead, use your own independent judgment and vote for Mike Bauer, who served the LASD with honor and distinction for three decades. Mike, a lifetime Republican who shares our North Idaho values, will uphold our Constitutional rights and keep our county safe in these uncertain times.

Vote for the “I” this election. A vote for Integrity, Transparency and Public Safety is a vote for Mike Bauer. “Bauer is better.”