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TRUSTEES: Two for more balance

| October 2, 2020 1:00 AM

The unelected Diversity Council Committee of North Idaho College is charged with overseeing the diversity programs and atmosphere on campus. This council states, in writing, that it supports Black Lives Matter, the radical, racist and Marxist organization. A seminar sponsored with your taxes validates the white male privilege theory. This translates into NIC supporting Black Lives Matter and guilting white male students. Where is the balance?

The present trustees discriminate against the only conservative trustee, Todd Banducci. They vote on issues without Banducci having adequate prior knowledge. Seemingly, issues and voting are pre-determined and conservative opinion is not relevant. Trustees attempted to block Banducci from having direct communication with faculty, staff and students by changing longstanding rules. Where is the openness? Nationally, we know that conservative speech is blocked on school campuses, and those speaking up fear for jobs and grades. I hope this is never the case at NIC, but it seems to be moving in this direction.

False fear mongering in a Press letter, by former NIC faculty, claimed that electing conservatives would endanger accreditation. They basically labeled conservatives biased and racist. Conservatives believe in the right of free speech, all races are equal in our laws and in God’s eye, and discrimination is wrong.

Open dialogue was once the standard of a college education, and this has disappeared with political correctness. These faculty members appear to believe the only group worthy of being discriminated against are conservatives.

Vote Barnes and McKenzie to balance the NIC Board.


Coeur d’Alene