Monday, June 17, 2024

ELECTION: Reasons for skepticism

| November 22, 2020 1:00 AM

Let me say first that Ronald Deady's letter in Sunday's Press was right on the money! He tells us from experience that voter fraud has existed in this country for decades, especially in Chicago.

Democrat senators Klobuchar and Warren both wrote to Dominion Voting Systems years ago, complaining of flaws and shortcomings in their systems. I heard a man speak of being undercover in ANTIFA, where he stumbled upon a conference call where he heard Dominion executive in charge of strategy, Eric Coomer, of Denver, stating not to worry about Donald Trump winning the election, that he had taken care of that. Interesting....there are too many states, most, if not all swing states, that used Dominion. It must be investigated!

In another LTE, Mr. Garrett Schwartzkopf writes that Republicans think paying taxes is a 'horrific' idea, and that we don't want to pay into social benefits. Both claims are complete falsehoods.

Most of us don't like HIGH taxes; DUH! And social benefits, or social programs are good as a lifeline and a hand-up to those who are truly needy. But health and education benefits, and welfare for those in our country illegally are where most of us draw the line. How about let's stick to the facts...