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BIDEN: Lock him up

| May 31, 2020 1:00 AM

A scandal 100 times as great and corrupt as Watergate — and hardly a mention of it by mainstream media outlets. Yeah I’m talking about the unmasking of General Flynn.

The DOJ found no sufficient proof to charge him with anything illegal and has asked the case be dropped. Documents now being released are showing that Joe Biden and countless others in the Obama administration were out “to get” Flynn, even before the 2016 presidential exchange of power. As more facts are daily being released, it’s evident that plans were in place (an insurance policy) to take down the newly-elected president of the United States.

Never before in the history of our nation has such a fool-hardy, heinous crime been committed by the incumbent party as they left office — most likely under the supervision and direction of Obama himself. And for sure we now see that the Trump-Russia conspiracy was indeed a colossal hoax, fueled and fabricated by many in Obama’s administration — along with liberal media (fake news) and with encouragement from most of the Democrat Party. If Democrats couldn’t win the election, they attempted a coup.

Keep in mind that if Hillary had been elected, all of this wouldn’t have seen the light of day! But the truth is coming out and the rats are scurrying all over the place. My question is — can Biden still run for president from a prison cell? From the adjoining cell I suspect Barack could remind Joe that at least now he doesn’t have to debate Trump!


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