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LAMENT: Source of problems

| May 29, 2020 1:00 AM

Money and power. Unfortunately it always comes down to these two items. Many of you have heard that hospitals get more money when they list cause of death as coronavirus related. If not, may I suggest you look up Doctor, Senator Scott Jensen and watch his video on how much more money hospitals get from Medicare.

We all know billing any insurance company comes down to the codes the doctor puts in for any tests. Administrators need more money to run their hospitals, doctors need tests to properly help their patients, insurance companies need to rain in their costs and Medicare holds the purse strings. There is the money issue.

Power comes from these statistics. The government can say, because of these related deaths, we have the power to tell you what you can do. We can tell you, you cannot work to earn a living for your family. If you cannot earn a living, you cannot buy insurance. If you have no insurance, where do your turn to? Your government is here to help.

Good and evil exists, as does money equals power. Me, I just want the power to make my own money, spend it as I wish and do as much good in life as I can.

Government and evil, both need to be stopped or at least restricted.


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