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Sheriff’s Blotter

| May 27, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to an unattended death on N. Chateaux Dr. Nothing suspicious was observed. 20-18648

• CSO followed up on the Habitat for Humanity Theft from yesterday and learned of a possible suspect. At this time he has not been located but has apparently discussed the theft with a relative, who said he often takes items from Habitat for Humanity because “it’s free”. 20-18530

• A Deputy responded to S. Sunset Terrace near Harrison for a malicious injury to property stemming from an altercation last night. The victim had an idea of who may have been responsible, but he did not wish to have the situation investigated, and he did not want to pursue charges. 20-18680

• Deputies responded (with the drone) to the area of Salee Creek and Perimeter Rd. for a missing person. He was last seen in the Salee Creek area when a friend dropped him off on 05.21.20 at 1700 hours so he could look for mushrooms. Deputies flew the drone but did not have sufficient visibility due to the rain. Recreation Safety Section Deputies responded and activated SAR (to include dogs and Air1). About 4 hours into the search the male was located. 20-18696

• A Deputy responded to W. Seltice Way (Seltice Mini Storage) for suspicious activity. Sometime in the late night of 05/20/2020, an unknown male drove up to the storage gate and attempted to gain entry by entering a series of random numbers. He did not guess the winning numbers and was not granted access to the facility. FI completed. 20-18677

• A Deputy responded to Higgens Point and contacted a suspicious male in his vehicle. The contact resulted in the male being issued citations for marijuana and paraphernalia. He was warned for open container. 20-18527

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies investigated a rollover crash on Perimeter Road. A male rolled his pickup truck after one of the tires caught the embankment on the shoulder of the road and he lost control. He was not seriously injured. 20-18726

• Deputies assisted Detectives on a warrant arrest.

• Deputies responded to the Stateline Village after ISP asked for a Code 3 Cover on a traffic stop. The passenger, who had an open container, was being uncooperative. The Trooper learned that she was the Respondent in a TPO with the driver of the vehicle. She refused to exit the vehicle and rolled up the window and locked the door. The Trooper gave her several warnings that he was going to break the window to remove her from the vehicle Eventually the door was opened and she was arrested by the Trooper on the TPO Violation and Obstructing. 20-18747

• Deputies responded to the Casino after an employee found a baggie with approximately 3 grams of meth on the floor. Surveillance located the male who dropped the baggie out of his pants and a female who was with him. After interviews and investigation, the male was arrested for possession of heroin (discovered in his pocket) and paraphernalia and a complaint request was completed for possession of meth and PWI. The female was a tribal member, so Cd’A Tribal PD arrested and charged her with meth and heroin possession. Another female who came to the casino with them was located and ended up being cited for possession of paraphernalia. 20-18738

• A Deputy stopped and arrested a male for DUI Drugs (DRE Investigation completed by Cd’A Officer) and DWP, and arrested his passenger for possession of meth (almost 5 grams), hydros, mara/para, introducing contraband into the jail and cited her for open container. 20-18769

• A Deputy got into a brief pursuit with a motorcycle on Seltice eastbound from Atlas after it was traveling 70 mph in the 40 mph zone. It turned onto Ramsey, then west on I-90 at speeds over 100 mph, so the Deputy discontinued. Another Deputy was in the area of I-90 at MM 7 and observed the motorcycle continuing at speeds close to 100 mph weaving through traffic. He did not attempt to stop the vehicle, but observed from a distance for a short period of time, in case it crashed. A third Deputy was at the state line in an unmarked vehicle in position to attempt to get a license plate, but the motorcycle was believed to have exited at MM 1 and headed north on Beck Road. The driver was a male in a black helmet with a black backpack riding a black sport bike. 20-18767

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy conducted a traffic stop at Idaho St. and 16th Ave in Post Falls. The driver, who was on felony probation, was cited for possession of paraphernalia after tin foil with burnt residue was located in his vehicle. He also admitted to using heroin within the last three days. 20-18829

• A Patrol Sergeant observed a vehicle travelling south on Government Way from Lancaster with no tail lights. As he turned around to get behind the vehicle it turned into a vacant lot at the south east corner of the intersection, crossed over the large boulders bordering the property, and became disabled in the field. One occupant remained in the vehicle, in the back seat, who was identified. The passenger stated the driver fled the vehicle and multiple deputies were unable to locate him the area. The vehicle had no license plates and no current registration however after some research it is believed to belong to known male. 20-18834

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Day Shift received a request from Rathdrum PD to assist in searching the Rathdrum Mtn. area for a missing possible suicidal female. Initial reports and information indicated that she was not on the mountain, however as more information was received the chances she was on the mountain were increased. Deputies from Patrol and the Recreation Safety Section as well as members from the Volunteer Search and Rescue Unit responded. Using some forensic phone information received from the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center we were able to get a pretty good location of where her cell phone was last at. SAR Members responded to that area and began a search. A short time later the female was located. She was cold, hypothermic but overall in good condition. She was transported to KH for treatment.

• Deputies responded to W. Greyeagle Rd. in Rathdrum for a citizen assist. A male called to say his friend is not allowed to be in possession of firearms due to a recent domestic dispute in Spokane with his girlfriend. Earlier today, the male showed up at the R/Ps house and retrieved ammunition and magazines for his firearms but it is unknown if the firearms were taken. The male said he was going to the girlfriend’s house in Spokane Valley to kill her and any cops that show up. This information was forwarded to Spokane Valley Police (SCSO). The male was not located in Idaho. FI completed. 20-18845

• Deputies responded to Hayden Walmart for a trespassing where a female had been previously prohibited from entering the property. She was contacted on scene, arrested for her warrants, and cited for trespassing. 20-18861

• Deputies responded to Hayden Walmart for two detained shoplifters. They were cited for petit theft. 20-18875

• Deputies responded to and handled a non-injury crash on Lancaster and Ferndale with a state report completed. 20-18869

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to a psychological at a residence on Cougar Gulch Road. A male was acting erratic and made possible suicidal statements. After discussion with the male and his mother, it was determined that he was not suicidal but was depressed. He agreed to take his medication and calm down for the night. 20-18918

• Deputies investigated a weapons offense on Asbury Road where a resident saw an unknown person in a black Jeep shoot a gun from the vehicle while on the roadway. They were able to collect a shell casing but there was no other suspect information. 20-18926

• Deputies stopped a vehicle in Athol and arrested a male for DUI and three counts of Injury to Child for the three juvenile passengers. 20-18908

• Deputies stopped a vehicle on Highway 95 x Horned Owl Road and arrested a male from out of the vehicle on his warrant. 20-18937

• Deputies stopped and arrested the driver for DUI Excessive and Open Container. 20-18943

• Deputies stopped and arrested a male for DWP, Possession of Meth and Paraphernalia. 20-18963.

• Deputies responded to a 9-1-1 hangup in the area of Atlas and Cranston. Central Dispatch was able to get the female back on the line and learned she had just been in a domestic dispute with her husband. Tonight the male received a letter in the mail referencing a summons from a traffic stop with CdA PD where he was charged with traffic violations and obstructing. He became enraged and grabbed a rifle, threatening to resolve the situation now and shoot it out with law enforcement. Attempts to call into the home were unsuccessful. The CdA PD Watch Commander was notified directly of the threats made towards law enforcement and an ATL with that information was aired to surrounding agencies. A report is being completed and complaint request for felony domestic battery. 20-18946

Night Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Hwy 54 and 3rd Avenue in Spirit Lake to assist ISP on a traffic stop. They had an individual with a felony warrant who was acting suspicious during the traffic stop, and requested a code 3 cover. Deputies assisted, however, it was later determined that Spokane would not extradite on their felony warrant. 20-18940

• While in the area, Deputies responded to Vermont St in Spirit Lake to assist them with a disorderly. Once on scene, he assisted SLPD in detaining a 17 year old naked female who was high on acid. They detained the girl, who then had her mother put her clothes on. She was transported to Kootenai Health via ambulance.

• Deputies stopped a vehicle at Ramsey and Prairie. The driver was found to be intoxicated. The driver was aggressive during the investigation and needed to be detained. Deputies arrested her for DUI, open container, and obstructing. 20-18943

• Deputies responded to Rickle Ranch and Pope Road for a family dispute. ISP was first on scene as they were in the area and advised that there was a substantial amount of items strewn about in the area. On scene they learned it was a domestic issue after the father tried to discipline his children. The mother disapproved and pushed the father. Due to ISP arriving on scene first, they requested to take the report. 20-18952

• Deputies responded to Government Way for a domestic dispute. It was reported that male and female were in the midst of a divorce. Both had been drinking and emotions became high. The male ended up flipping furniture and throwing items, however, never committed a crime. FI completed. 20-18948

• Deputies responded to E Hanley Avenue for a suspicious report. It was reported that two individuals were doing something to the speed limit radar sign in front of the location. Upon arrival, they located two males who had removed a bolt, cut two wires, and attempted to saw the post in half. They claimed it was done as a prank, but would not elaborate further. The two were charged with malicious injury to property. 20-18982

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to a “Rolling” Domestic near the intersection of Greensferry Rd. and Lancaster. Upon contacting the couple near Lancaster and Huetter, the two were interviewed and Deputies learned nothing physical took place, rather they were experiencing the stresses of Covid-19 and the fact that the female half is 6 months pregnant and they are about to become parents. FI completed. 20-19018

• Deputies responded to W. Prairie Ave for a Domestic Dispute. Deputies learned upon contacting the male and female that the two were just yelling at each other while working in the yard. The female attributed this to her being Italian, and her husband being Irish (sometimes they just argue). Both were pleasant to deal with and were cooperative. 20-19062

• Deputies responded to E. Butte Ave. for a weapons offense. No crime. 20-19051

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the casino for a physical domestic between husband/wife. A report was completed with complaint request attached. 20-19139

• Deputies responded to shots being fired at the Medimont Boat Launch. Upon arrival and questioning several boaters and fisherman the shooter was never found. It appeared everyone heard the shots but no one saw the shooter. 5 shell casing were found and no other evidence was located. Deputies completed an FI to document the incident. 20-19107

• A Patrol Sergeant responded to Wishful Trail for a report of female posting suicidal statements online. After an investigation the female was transported to KH for treatment and an evaluation.

• Deputies checked on a large gathering (approximately 25 people) at the Fernan Saddle. They gave several warnings and issued a citation for mara/para. 20-19129

• At approximately 1917 hours, a citizen called in to report they were stuck in the snow and needed a tow. Central was able to pull in coordinates from the call and a rough location of FSR 434 & FSR 202. Call notes indicated they were dressed for the weather and would be fine until the tow arrived. About three hours later, the RP called back and advised they were able to get their vehicle out. 20-19119

• Deputies took a malicious injury to property report on Topaz Dr. in Hayden where a vehicle window was broken out.

• A Patrol Sergeant resolved and issue in Athol where a young man was bored and shooting his bb gun at property nearby. The family was contacted and advise given about outlets for the young man’s energy. No crime committed.

• A Patrol Sergeant responded to Rimrock Rd. for a welfare check. A female called and said her father called her and requested she call the Sheriff’s Office for him. When the Sergeant arrived, it was learned the elderly man was upset because some solicitors were hold him hostage and would not leave. He wanted our help to get them to go. When we arrived, they had already left and the man said he was OK. No crime.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N Hauser Lake Rd. for a loud party complaint. It was also reported that this location was an Air bnb and the owner wanted the occupants to leave as they violated the contract. After speaking with the owner, he understood we could not enforce their civil contract, however, we could have the occupants leave. It was decided it was best to speak to the occupants about the complaint, but they would be permitted to stay the night as they were all intoxicated. 20-19151

• Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office relayed a cold injury accident in the area of FSR 209 and FSR 413. It was relayed a male rolled his ATV and was currently at Shoshone Medical Center being treated for injuries. The reporting party was also somewhere in Shoshone County. They collected a statement from the driver for us, however, he has since been released. The call will be popped up for back country in the morning to investigate the crash. 20-19165

• A Deputy located a suspicious vehicle parked at the Auto Source on Beck Rd. The vehicle was unoccupied and the registered owner could not be contacted. The business appeared secure. An FI was completed. 20-19172

• A Deputy stopped a male on a skateboard at Ramsey and Boekel. The male was identified and he admitted to being in possession of marijuana. He was cited and released for possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. 20-19187

Notable calls for the day !


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies assisted ISP at I-90 mp 27 east and westbound for traffic control after a five motorcycle crash (3 west, 2 east). 20-19232

• Deputies responded to FSR 1575 and took a crash that was reported privately to Sunset towing that had actually occurred yesterday at approximately 2100 hrs. The driver was ultimately cited for failure to immediately notify and violation of driver’s license restriction. 20- 19201

• Deputies responded to a rollover ATV crash at the Bunco trailhead. Rp called in and said she rolled her ATV with herself and child on it. Minor injuries were sustained. Both were transported to KH via ambulance with minor injuries and as a precaution. 20-19267

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies handled a citizen assist call were an intoxicated female called after she was taken back to Spokane and asked for assistance in locating the house she was at due to her leaving her purse there. Deputies were not able to confirm the address due to the lack of knowledge from the female.

• Deputies responded to a suspicious vehicle at the old elementary school off of Riverview Road. It was reported a vehicle was there and people were intoxicated. Deputies arrived on scene and sure enough a vehicle was there, however it was just broke down and the occupants were trying to get it started. They were not intoxicated.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy located a suspicious vehicle in the area of Reed and Dakota. The vehicle had no plate, but did have a temporary sticker from a dealership. The R/O was not able to be located. The area the vehicle was parked is a construction area building new homes. An FI was completed. 20-19311

• Deputies responded to W. Washington St. in Spirit Lake to assist SLPD on a psychological call. 20-19343

• Deputies responded to E. Aspen Way for a reported Burglary that had just occurred. A neighbor jogging in the area observed a dark colored van pull up to the residence and then enter the open garage. The reporting party confronted the two males that entered the garage and they left in the vehicle. The reporting party was able to obtain a license plate from the suspect vehicle. It appears noting was stolen as the burglary was interrupted. 20-19344