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COVID: What it isn’t

| May 24, 2020 1:00 AM

Some interesting statistics:

According to Wikipedia, worldwide deaths attributed to influenza per year are about 300,000-500,000. Total deaths currently attributed to COVID-19 — about 323,000.

Hmmmm, what could possibly be going on? Why are WHO and all our leaders calling this a “pandemic?”

Please think for yourselves. This is NOT a pandemic!

I look forward to rebuttals but numbers don’t lie. I expect one argument to be that because of precautions taken, we have reduced the death toll. My response is, “Horse pucky. People are still out buying groceries and other essentials such as liquor and marijuana. They are still working for e-commerce companies (that’s almost every company now!). We haven’t slowed OR flattened the ‘curve!’”

It is what it is. Also, only 63,000 cases of influenza this year. Hmmmm.

Oh yeah, just thought of something else that might be a teensy, little bit pertinent. They are counting ANY death a COVID-19 death if the person tested positive. From what I understand, if you’ve had the common cold (a strain of coronavirus), you may also test positive for COVID-19. If you tested positive and had a heart attack, it’s death by COVID-19. If you tested positive and died of an aneurysm, it’s death by COVID-19. So WHAT is the ACTUAL death toll from this cold? Obviously FAR less than we are being led to believe.

If I were in a risk group then I should self-isolate, NOT the rest of the world!


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