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ATTACKS: Surrender the tomatoes

| May 24, 2020 1:00 AM

Sholeh Patrick was unfairly and outrageously attacked for her article suggesting the possibility of embracing parenthood in a more expansive manner. In the first sentence of the column, Patrick writes, “Before you toss tomatoes at the headline…,” but by the end of the first letter in response to Patrick, Hicks writes that she’s “got a whole box of rotten ones to throw” at her.

This began as a supportive letter for my friend Sholeh. The intent has been expanded to point out that the vitriol directed at those who would write a column or letter in The Press which doesn’t agree with, shall we say, a more conservative view of the world are verbally assaulted with name-calling, unfounded assumptions and outright hostility.

As Hicks pointed out, nobody wants a new idea “[shoved] down [her] throat,” but how tragic it would be if these profoundly hateful letters keep citizens from sharing thoughts other than what some North Idaho citizens think are “politically correct” according to their worldview. I confess that I was hesitant to write this letter.

I further contend that many who write in opposition to the conservative view are usually less likely to employ name-calling and threats against those who would want to silence them by weaponizing a box of rotten tomatoes.

Keep writing, Sholeh. It’s pretty evident that we will celebrate Mothers’ and Fathers’ days into the foreseeable future. Perhaps the next generation will have minds open to the possibility of accepting suggestions for change.