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GOVERNOR: Too much power

| May 22, 2020 1:00 AM

I believe the first order of business for the next legislative session should be to curtail gubernatorial power.

If someone had said a year ago there would be a disease with a 99% survival rate and the pool of individuals at risk was known and identified but we would close businesses, cause record unemployment and quite possibly cause people to lose everything they spent their lives working for we would have called them crazy. But it happened.

No one person should have that much power. I suggest a state of emergency last for a set amount of time, for example’s sake we’ll call it two weeks. After that time no extension is possible without ALL our representatives involved, like an emergency session.

The one size fits all is ridiculous. Our hospital answered the call quite impressively and according to this paper, had ZERO COVID patients. The price we paid for this is far too high and all because ONE individual decided to follow the herd, who were in turn following a computer model which was drastically wrong.

I suggest that along with the above policy any order given by the governor which results in a forced closing of ANY business, he loses his paycheck for the same length of time. Not deferred, not anything but GONE.


Post Falls