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GIFTS: It takes a Village

| May 22, 2020 1:00 AM

My daughters have been holding lemonade stands and crafts sales to raise money for the Children’s Village since the quarantine started. My 10-year-old daughter lived at Children’s Village prior to her adoption from foster care, and daily remembers and thinks of the children that she left behind.

Over the last few weeks they had earned almost $20 which we were going to take to the store to buy a few things off the needs list to take to donate. In an interesting turn of events, a neighbor who was walking by their stand last week was observed by my girls to be feeling very down due to a recent loss. Sensing that, they gave him one of their crafts as a gift, to cheer him up.

Later that week, he returned to our home to tell me of their kindness, and how much it did cheer him up. He then proceeded to offer a donation of $250 toward their fundraising efforts for the Children’s Village. They were so thrilled with what they had raised, that we went to Costco and bought everything off their needs list for May and will deliver it to the Children’s Village this week.

After sharing this story with family and friends, I was encouraged to pass it along to the paper in hopes to bring more awareness to the drastic needs the Children’s Village is experiencing right now during the quarantine.


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