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TRUMP: Trust in Donald

| May 20, 2020 4:01 PM

I just read D. Cohen’s Letter to the Editor. It was so outrageous I assumed he was writing it as sarcasms. But he stated who do you believe Dr. Fauci or Trump, and ended with “That’s rhetorical by the way.”

Is it? I’m still not sure if he was serious or sarcastic when you consider what the good doctor has said throughout the coronavirus. Fauci first told us Americans don’t need to worry, this won’t affect us. Then he said not to wear masks, even stating a mask could actually make it worse.

There was also the 1 to 2 million deaths he warns us about (fortunately he missed that mark), or the never shake hands again, but it’s OK to have sex with a stranger (is it me or does that sound like crazy uncle Willy’s advice on dating).

Finally, he recently told Congress we need to keep schools closed until there’s a cure (which the other experts suggest is either a long way off or may never happen). There were other ridiculous statements Cohen made about Trump in his letter, like him ignoring the warnings even though he stopped flights from China while he was being ridiculed for not listening to the WHO, CDC (who were both were telling us, don’t worry, be happy).

I come back to, who do you believe, Fauci (who has misinformed us a lot) or Trump (who’s taken actions while others sat on their hands)? I’m leaning toward Trump.


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