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BAYVIEW: Here’s the issue

| May 20, 2020 4:00 PM

In the Monday, May 18 article regarding the Bayview Water and Sewer District water bond, statements were made that misrepresented the facts.

Yes, this is the third time a bond to fix Bayview’s water system has been on the ballot. The previous Board put two prior bond issues on the ballot to replace the existing water system with a complete rebuild. This Board heard the community’s emphatic NO to a new system loud and clear.

The issue on the current ballot is to rehab and repair the existing system and add a new 12” distribution line on the West side of Bayview to address IDEQ’s defined deficiencies.

Space constraints on the ballot did not allow the complete resolution to be included, it references the resolution, fully containing the definition of the proposed project which is specific to the rehabbing and other project components. In addition, the District has sent numerous mailings to the public and discussed the elements of the project at most every meeting.

For anyone to say “we still don’t know when we vote if it’s for a new water tank or to rehab our existing tank” can only be because they refused to accept the facts that the District is required to present and has presented to the public.


Director, BWSD