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EBERLEIN: Unusually qualified

| May 19, 2020 1:00 AM

Marc Eberlein, candidate for Idaho State Senate District 3, is a rarity in the political realm. Honest, authentic, and unequivocal, he asserts his positions respectfully and thoughtfully. His motivation for running for office is to serve the constituents of his district to the best of his considerable ability, according to the foundational principles of our republic—of which he has long been a student.

Marc’s ability to apply the lessons of history to the challenges of today is sorely needed in Boise. Moreover, he has an uncommon integrity that will allow him to seek political solutions without compromising on principle, something he has already proven as a Kootenai County commissioner.

We have known Marc for many years, and have the highest respect for him. We know him to be a devoted family man, a student of history, and a principled man of both intellect and wisdom.

Vote for Marc Eberlein. You can do so with confidence, knowing you will have a true representative in Boise.