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DOUG O: Working, not talking

| May 19, 2020 1:00 AM

I’m voting for Doug Okuniewicz for Idaho House District 2, Seat B because he has already proven his willingness and ability to fight on our behalf in opposing the prison reentry center that Boise bureaucrats want to build here in North Idaho. Any Johnny-come-lately can say they are against the reentry center, but Doug has been actively working with local officials to draft code changes that will give them the legal authority to refuse a reentry center in our area since last year. And, don’t forget Doug’s opponent has been endorsed by one of the Boise bureaucrats who wants to open a reentry center in our area.

Doug is also endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life. As the most influential pro-life organization in our state, they know Doug will work hard to protect the unborn. That’s important to me, as well as Doug’s commitment to protect our religious liberties.

Doug has even been endorsed by his opponent’s most recent boss, former state senator, Cliff Bayer, who is Congressman Russ Fulcher’s Chief of Staff. Having recently worked directly with Doug’s opponent, Cliff Bayer could have stayed neutral in this race, but instead chose to publicly endorse Doug. He also donated the maximum allowable amount to Doug’s campaign.

Doug is also an outspoken supporter of President Trump and his policies. I want a representative who supports our president. Please join me and vote Doug Okuniewicz for the Idaho House.