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DOUG O: He’ll stand and deliver

| May 19, 2020 1:00 AM

Doug Okuniewicz has character, integrity and perseverance to be a strong voice for your community at the Idaho Legislature.

I’ve known Doug for over a decade and in very difficult situations with some very difficult personalities, I have watched Doug remain professional, factual and disciplined. He is known for doing his research and arming himself with facts and workable solutions when addressing a problem.

Unfortunately, many today operate on emotions, empty words and empty promises. However, Doug delivers measurable results, demonstrating more doing than talking, and we can all agree that Idaho needs more of that in Boise.

Doug has a great advantage in knowing how the legislative process works, how to draft and interpret legislation and how to navigate frustrating and strained situations. I enjoyed watching Doug take on the Boise Bureaucracy with meticulous strategy, research and relentlessly pursuing a solution that resulted in the agency following state law. I have no doubt that Doug will employ these same tactics when working on issues for the folks in his community.

This family man has chosen your community to plant his roots and grow his family and career and therefore has a vested interest in the success of your schools, businesses and neighborhoods. It is difficult to find someone with Doug’s character, drive and knowledge base so willing to serve the citizenry of Idaho. Take him up on his offer to serve you as your State Representative. You will be proud to have him standing up for you in Boise.


Former Idaho State Rep.

Wilder, ID.