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SHERIFF: Something to consider

| May 17, 2020 1:00 AM

Our local sheriff wrote a letter to Gov. Little asking to open Kootenai sooner than the governor’s plan due to the small amount of cases of coronavirus in our county. Yes, we are blessed as to our small count. However, opening our county earlier than the rest of Idaho will be a welcome mat for not only our friends from Washington but other parts of Idaho.

The sheriff also needs to remember that the majority of the residents of Kootenai are seniors. Seniors tend to have more critical ailments than the other demographics. That makes us a much bigger target than the rest of the population.

I do understand the plight of the small businesses that want to open ASAP. I have a small business also, and have been severely impacted by the pandemic. However, I also am being treated for leukemia and take chemotherapy every day, as well as being a type 2 diabetic. This makes me a very big target for the virus.

I think Gov. Little has the right idea: Open a little and see what happens before taking the next step.