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SHERIFF: Some strong words

| May 17, 2020 1:00 AM

In response to our sheriff. Dear Ben, while you were attending medical school, did you specialize in infectious disease by chance? What, you’re not a medical professional? You’re a law enforcement officer you say, highest position in the county you say. I am sorry. I must be confused then since you’re willing, on my behalf, to decline enforcement of the governor’s law put in place to protect me.

I read that you want us to excuse your department from responsibility since it is too difficult. Sure thing. Is there any other aspect of your job that you find unbearable? Did you know that we have an abundance of candidates who are willing to actually do the job, all the way?

Along that note though, why are we getting caught up in this county with the deputies endorsing candidates? Isn’t that like letting me pick out my own boss? Personally, if I could choose my own employer, I would choose one who lets me refrain from the aspects of my work that I find too difficult.

I am sick and tired of our costumed heros making demands. You have been over-funded, given total immunity from any errors, and the death toll of unarmed civilians vs. deputies remains in your favor. Yet you got an entire page to portray your actions as “heroic.” You’re a real champion of our community.