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MOTHERS: Blood connection precious

| May 17, 2020 1:00 AM

To Sally Hicks of Rathdrum; I read your opinion “Armed with tomatoes” May 13 regarding Sholeh Patrick’s article, “Mother’s Day: Is it Past Prime?” I’m not a mother, I’m 73, and a great-grandfather. The passion in your letter was deep, well put and your anger was justified. There is something near spiritual about the connection mothers have with the children they nurture; it is unique to mothers, especially with the children they have born.

As for Sholeh’s article; it angered me too but I wasn’t surprised considering the PC “Politically Correct” mindset so many are giving into these days. These days anyone can be a parent and even an awesome one but like someone who has gone through war or lost a loved one; only they know what it’s like. This is true with a mother who has given birth, there is a difference in a connection and a blood connection.

I’m also a stepfather who loves his stepchildren and they love me but I know, feel and see the different connection with me and their blood parents and it’s the same with my blood children. The love is there with us but also the subtle difference and that’s OK, it’s normal.

Finally, Sholeh, you and I have had respectful differences in the past but for you to seemingly make light of and suggest such an honored and traditional celebration as Mother’s Day may be past prime, was truly sad.

God bless you and yours Sally Hicks.


Post Falls