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VOTE: For this slate

| May 16, 2020 1:00 AM

As a former candidate for local government, I have known and dealt with, both past and present, many government officials. I am endorsing several candidates that I know and feel will represent us without any political agenda.

For County Commissioners I urge you to vote for the two incumbents, Chris Fillios and Bill Brooks. These two have represented the citizens and taxpayers of Kootenai County and do not espouse the agenda of the ‘Good Ole Boys’ club and the intolerant.

Brooks is being challenged by David Stewart, a one term former commissioner who is trying to get back in with the “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine club.” Stewart in his ads twists the facts about Brooks and you need to consider why he lost last time. Remember that every registered voter in Kootenai County, regardless of district, can vote in the commissioner race.

As for the District 3 Senate position I endorse Peter Riggs, a local businessman and lifelong resident. Peter also is not part of the ‘Good Ole Boys’ club and their agenda. He is a conservative that will listen and represent us best in the Statehouse. He is running against Marc Eberlein, a former county commissioner and also a member of the ‘Good Ole Boys’ club that Bill Brooks defeated in the last election.


Post Falls