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Sheriff’s Blotter

| May 16, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls

for the day!


Day Shift responded to the following calls:

• Deputies responded to a trespassing at 438 Cassius Ct. It was determined to be a civil issue reference to an easement. 20-17491

• Detectives arrested a male for drug charges. 20-16429.

• Deputies responded to E. Wishful Trail in Athol for an Agency Assist for Spirit Lake PD. SLPD was attempting to locate aggravated battery suspect, who was located by deputies at the residence. SLPD arrived and arrested the male. 20-17520

• A Patrol Sergeant was driving southbound on Highway 95 at Wyoming Ave. when he observed a three vehicle minor injury crash that just occurred. The scene was secured and held for ISP. 20-17531

• Deputies handled a runaway juvenile call. The juvenile was entered into NCIC. 20-17535

Evening Shift responded to the following calls:

• Deputies responded to Triple Play after a male was reported to be yelling and using profanity in the lobby. He and a female were trespassed from Triple Play per management. 20-17553

• A Patrol Sergeant responded to S. Breezy Way for a reported vehicle fire with someone stuck in a tree. Upon arrival, it was learned a tree trimmer was in the bucket of a man lift and it malfunctioned. Someone attempted to help fix the issue with the equipment, which caused it to touch and rest against the high voltage power lines. The male in the bucket acted quickly and jumped from the bucket into a nearby tree. He was ultimately rescued by KCFR. 20-17566

• Multiple deputies responded to Fantasy Loop for the latest installment in the ongoing citizen dispute between a male and female residents. Today the female was claiming that the male stole her car, but then admitted on scene that she had actually signed the title over to him previously. In turn, the male claimed that the female had his grinder stashed in a trailer on his property (where she is still living). Deputies confirmed with the female’s permission that she did not have his grinder in the trailer. The male, has previously trespassed, then un-trespassed the female multiple times from his property, but she currently has standing, so he was advised of the eviction process. 20-17575

• Deputies located a disabled vehicle on Highway 41 and contacted the driver who at first lied about driving but when other family members admitted she had called them about the car breaking down, she confessed to driving and showed signs of intoxication. She was met decision points on SFST’s, but provided breath samples below the legal limit. She was cited for DWP and a ride was setup for the driver. 20-17580

• A Deputy responded to Walmart for a detained cooperative shoplifter. A female was caught stealing clothing. She was cited and released. 20-17582

• A K-9 Deputy checked out with a pedestrian in Post Falls and learned that the male had warrants. Because he was not able to transport, Post Falls responded and arrested the male. 20-17585

Night Shift responded to the following calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of Poleline and Spokane Street for an agency assist in which two drivers were reporting a red Ford F-150 had been driving erratically and following them. At one point, one of the drivers stated the suspect had passed them, turned around and drove head on towards their vehicle. A Patrol Sergeant located the suspect vehicle, which was driven by a male who was less than cooperative in giving a statement. The victims wanted to sign a citation against for reckless driving. 20-17617

• A Deputy contacted a suspicious vehicle at English Point Trailhead. A male was the lone occupant in the vehicle, and after searching the vehicle the Deputy located paraphernalia. The male claimed he sold his house on Benoit St. and was currently living in his pickup. 20-17625

• Deputies responded to the westbound Huetter Rest Stop for a domestic dispute. On scene they contacted a male and female, both of Tacoma, Washington. They were in an argument regarding the male’s gambling problem and the female pestering him about it. No crime was committed, however, deputies located a marijuana pipe in the vehicle. 20-17623