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VANDALISM: Sign of the times

| May 15, 2020 1:00 AM

How sad! No one can justify vandalism, but it bothers me that if the “decision makers” would be a little more flexible in what they have kept closed, this need not have happened.

When the decision to close public grounds and take down the rims at McEuen Park was made, it may have been prudent to ensure low contact between people. No one knew how the COVID-19 virus would play out.

However, as time went on and there were “0” deaths in the five northern counties and “0” hospitalizations, why was May 16 the magic number for opening and hopefully taking down the yellow tape?

When only a few people make decisions that don’t make sense to many of the people they profoundly affect, you can expect anger and disrespect for laws.

That will make our society increasingly dysfunctional. Those in positions of power whether it be our governor or city administrators need to take heed. History teaches us that people will rebel when laws seem arbitrary or unjustified.

Glad we can now have garage sales without being guilty of civil disobedience. All is not lost.


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